Who is James Rubin? Details About an American Journalist Christiane Amanpour’s Husband

James Philip Rubin is an American former diplomat and journalist who served as US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs in the Clinton Administration. James has written a column for The New York Times, The Financial Times, and The Washington Post. He was also a commentator on CNN, BBC, and MSNBC. Let’s know more […]

June Baranco

Meet June Baranco, the elegant former wife of esteemed sports journalist Bryant Gumbel. While her name might not immediately ring bells in the celebrity sphere, her presence in the limelight is undeniable. You’ve probably seen Gumbel on TV, winning awards for his sports reporting on channels like CBC and NBC. But behind the scenes, Baranco […]

Jeanne Taibbi

Meet Jeanne Taibbi, the brilliant family physician and the behind-the-scenes powerhouse married to the renowned author and podcaster, Matt Taibbi. While Matt takes on the world with words, Jeanne’s healing touch in the medical realm and her low-key charisma make her an intriguing figure in her own right. Beyond the spotlight, she brings balance and […]

Sinisa Babcic

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and media, fame often extends its reach beyond the spotlight, occasionally casting a luminous glow on individuals who share their lives with celebrated figures. Sinisa Babcic, a South Korean citizen, has found himself in such a unique position, basking in the limelight as the husband of the renowned American […]

Doug Geed

Doug Geed is a name synonymous with excellence in journalism. He has left an indelible mark on the media, particularly as an anchor at News 12 Long Island. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Geed’s contributions have been recognized with ten prestigious New York Emmy Awards. It is a testament to his exceptional storytelling and […]

Aden Housley

In the glittering world of Hollywood, where fame and talent collide, there exists a fascinating lineage that combines the star power of beloved actress Tamera Mowry and the journalistic prowess of Adam Housley. Amidst this captivating union, we are introduced to the enigmatic figure of Aden Housley, a child whose charismatic presence is veiled in […]

Meet Rosanna Scotto’s Husband, Louis John Ruggiero; All the Details About Their Married Life

If you are in the New York area and keep yourself updated on news and reports, then you might be familiar with the name Rosanna Scotto. The beauty with the brain woman Scotto is an American journalist serving the Fox network from New York for over three decades. The news anchor, born on April 29, […]

Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour

Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour is a star kid born on March 2, 2018. He is lucky to be taken with a silver spoon and is enjoying the massive net worth of his parents. He is already getting the limelight at 4, thanks to her celebrity Parents. To grab more information about Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour […]

Who is Curtis Vogel? Kyung Lah Married Life

Curtis Vogel is the vice president of Edendale Strategies. But, he is best known for being the spouse of the CNN reporter Kyung Lah. However, Kyung Lah is a South Korean-American Journalist, Reporter, and the Correspondent for CNN. She is based in the United States of America. Let’s know their marital status, Relationship, and other […]

Tushka Bergen and John Vause Married Life

John Vause is an Australian journalist. John is currently based in Atlanta, working as a presenter for CNN International. Before that, he was a Beijing correspondent responsible for covering China and other regions. He was also the Los Angeles chief for the Seven Network in Australia. Tushka Bergen is an Australian actress who has worked […]

Alex Wagner and Sam Kass Married Life Since 2014

Alex Wagner and Sam Kass’s relationship is one of the most reviewed subjects by the public. However, before diving right into the subject matter, let’s briefly discuss their introduction. Alexandra Swe Wagner, widely known as Alex Wagner, is an American Journalist and author. On the other hand, Samuel David Kass, aka Sam Kass, is an […]

Amy Markson Married Life, Bert Fields’s Wife

Bertram Fields, also known as Bert Fields, was an American Lawyer well-known for his work in Entertainment law. He represented many celebrities, musicians, and leading film studios. Bert has also worked as a musician and an author of fiction and non-fiction books. In addition, Fields was also a lecturer and professor at Harvard Law School […]

Darius John Rubin

Darius John Robin is famous as the son of Christiane Amanpour. Darius’s mother, Christiane, is a well-known British-Iranian journalist and television host. Amanpour is the Chief International Anchor for CNN and host of CNN International’s nightly interview program Amanpour. Likewise, she is also the host of Amanpour & Company on Public Broadcasting Service. Darius John Robin is so lucky to have a mother like […]

Suzanne Malveaux

Suzanne Malveaux is a well-known American Journalist. Suzanne co-anchored the CNN international news program Around the World and editions of CNN Newsroom. Previously, she worked as a White House correspondent for CNN. She started working for CNN based in Washington, D.C., in 2002. Further, Suzanne is a determined woman who is never afraid of failure, […]