Alum Clint Arlis

Alum Clint Arlis was a well-known personality. He mostly claimed his popularity after appearing in season 11 of ‘The Bachelorette.’ Until he could not make it to the very last, his phrases like ”Villains Gotta Vill” regarded him as the bad guy of the season. During high school, his masculine body type allowed him to […]

Alex D’Andrea

Alex D’Andrea was the former spouse of famous actress Katherine Kelly Lang from the Bold and Beautiful series. Further, Alex mostly came into the highlight as the second husband of the actress. Besides, he was a manager and president of community entertainment. What’s more, the former couple has a daughter named Zoe Katrina D’ Andrea, […]

Shane Barakan

Shane Barakan, the name itself speaks a lot on its own. Barakan comes from an influencing family whose parents and grandparents were the popular artists of their time. John Edmund Andrew Philips, known as John Philips, is the granddad of Shane, a famous singer, songwriter, and lead vocalist of the band The Mamas and Papas. […]

Jessica McRaney

Jessica McRaney is the celebrity daughter of Emmy award-winning actor Gerald McRaney. Besides her father’s fame, nothing is much known about her lifestyle. So far, she has refrained from sharing anything in the media sphere. But, her father is a celebrated TV star and film actor. Also, Jessica’s father has married thrice in his life. […]

Zoe Katrina D’Andrea

Zoe Katrina D’ Andrea rose to prominence as a celebrity daughter. Furthermore, famous American actresses Katherine Kelly Lang and Alex D’ Andrea are the parents of Zoe. However, Zoe is the youngest child of Katherine among her three children, and the other two are related to her from her mother’s previous relationship. Moreover, Katherine is […]

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