The former South Carolina House of Representatives Bakari Sellers works as an attorney. Sellers runs a law firm, ‘Strom Law Firm, LLC,’ situated in Columbia, South Carolina. He is also a political analyst on CNN. On the other side, Bakar’s wife, Ellen Rucker Sellers, is an entrepreneur and chiropractor by profession.

Ellen runs a natural hair care brand ‘Rucker Roots.’ Like successful professional life, is Ellen and her husband Bakari living a blissful marital life. Know how the couple met, their amazing marital journey and family life in the following sections.

First Met At Friend’s Wedding

The lawyer Bakari and businesswoman Ellen first met one another in 2008 in Cancun, a city in Mexico. Rucker and Sellers had their first encounter during a boat cruise at their mutual friend’s wedding. Bakari and Ellen were introduced by her sister Ruby.

Image: The attorney Bakari Sellers and Rucker Roots founder Ellen Rucker first met in 2008 in Mexico
Source: Instagram @ellenruckersellers

Ellen wrote on her Instagram account sharing their picture, explaining how the couple first met. The picture reads, “This picture is from 2008. We met the day before this picture on a boat cruise, my sister Ruby (the matchmaker) introduced us. I guess some would say it was love at first sight. We were so comfortable with each other from the start and I am so glad we gave our love a chance. I love you more and more each day.”

After the first encounter, the duo shared a good bond and soon began their romantic affair.

Ellen Rucker Sellers And Bakari Sellers Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Following seven-year-long dating, Bakari and Ellen decided to take their relationship to the next level. On July 1, 2015, the couple tied the wedding knot.

Picture: Bakari Sellers and Ellen Rucker Sellers tied the wedding knot on July 1, 2015
Source: Instagram @ellenruckersellers

The intimate wedding ceremony was held in front of Bakari and Ellen’s parents, relatives and close friends. On the big day, Ellen wore a sleeveless A-line wedding gown. On the other side, Bakari chooses a black tuxedo to walk down the aisle.

Since the wedding day, Mr. and Mrs. Sellers are sharing a good bond as a perfect married partner. The married duo has already celebrated their 6th marriage anniversary. The husband-wife duo is living a blissful marital life without creating any rumors related to the separation.

Shared Two Children

From their strong marital bond, Ellen and her husband, Bakari, shared fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. On July 27, 2018, Ellen revealed her pregnancy via Instagram post. She also announced that they were expecting a boy and a girl.

Photo: Ellen Rucker Sellers and Bakari Sellers shared fraternal twins, Stokley Sellers and Sadie Ellen Sellers
Source: Instagram @ellenruckersellers

In January 2019, Bakari and his wife Ellen welcomed their twins, Stokley Sellers and Sadie Ellen Sellers. Their daughter Sadie was born with biliary atresia, a liver disease that placed her on a liver transplant. Sadie’s successful liver transplant was done at Duke University Hospital.

As of now, Sadie, 3, is recovering. She lives a healthy life with her mother Ellen, father Bakari, and brother Stokley. Additionally, The Sellers siblings are also gaining fame as celebrity kids. Similarly, they can be seen on most of the posts updated by Bakari and Ellen on their social sites.

Ellen Rucker Was Married To Vince Carter

Before sharing an intimate relationship with lawyer Bakari, Rucker Roots founder Ellen was married. She was in a marital relationship with Vincent Lamar Carter Jr, aka Vince Carter.

Snap: Kai Carter with her father Vince Carter (right) and Bakari Sellers
Source: Instagram @elleneuckersellers

Vince, 44, is a popular sports personality. He is a former basketball player who played for NBA teams such as Sacramento Kings, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, and others. Additionally, Carter now works as a sports analyst for ESPN.

Ellen and her college sweetheart Vince walked down the aisle in July 2004. Similarly, they are parents to their daughter Kai Carter. Vince and Ellen were sharing a good bond. However, in 2006, they ended their marital relationship. Even after the separation, Ellen and Vince share a good bond.

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