Beth Thomas became the talk of the country back in 1992. Furthermore, she became the sole inspiration for the biographical drama TV flic. As a matter of fact, the television film Child of Rage came into being because of her real-life incidents. Thomas was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD at an early age.

Her childhood story isn’t fascinating to hear. But how she changed over the years is quite an accomplishment; now, she is living everyday life as a therapist. Where is she now? What is she doing nowadays? Well, thankfully, she managed to overcome her inner demons. Moreover, she leads a beautiful life in Arizona.

Age and Early Life

Beth Thomas is currently 38 years old. More to her bio, she was born in 1985. However, the exact date of her birthday remains hidden. Likewise, she was born in America to her parents. As such, Thomas holds American nationality. And she belongs to a white ethnic background.

Beth Thomas smiling at the camera
Beth Thomas is smiling at the camera.
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Speaking of early life, Beth led a horrendous early life. Moreover, her biological father sexually abused her when she was around 19 months old. Likewise, her mother died when she and her brother were very young.

Taking of her father, neglected Beth and her younger brother Jonathan. As a result, both siblings were taken by Child Services by the age of 2 and 1, respectively.

However, she suffered from Reactive Attachment Disorder RAD due to her trauma. So, her new adoptive parents faced a murderous young child. As well as the inspiration for Child of Rage. Learn the early life of Naomi Harris

Brief History of the Child of Rage

Beth experienced the worst that humanity can offer at a young age. Moreover, her father did unspeakable things to her, which resulted in her distancing herself from everyone.

After her adoption, her new parents were good people. However, Beth already suffered from one caregiver, so she lashed out at the new ones. Thomas told her psychiatrist that she wanted to kill her younger brother and her new parents, Tim and Julie.

Thomas as a child.
Thomas as a child.
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Tim and Julie took Thomas to see a therapist named Ken Magid at the age of 6. Likewise, in the recording of their session, Beth claimed that she wanted to stab her brother and her new parents to death. Also Read: Nora Dunn

The footage later aired on HBO’s America Undercover series. Moreover, Dr. Magid later published a book named High Risk: Children Without a Conscience. Later, a documentary on the traumatized child came into existence. And finally, in 1992, the TV movie Child of Rage aired on the CBS network.

Nancy Thomas later took in Beth after her first adoptive parents. Moreover, Tim and Julie permitted Connell Watkins to use the brutal “Attachment therapy.” The therapy remains barbaric and controversial, as it involves the patient wrapped in blankets and pushed with a pillow for over an hour to simulate “their birth.”

Thomas as an Adult.
Thomas as an Adult.
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Given how bleak her early life had been, it is no surprise that she went into a dark place. However, as the saying goes, the darker the night, the brighter the stars. Beth managed to overcome her inner demons as time passed by. Moreover, she leads a beautiful life as a registered nurse. As it turns out, her story wasn’t of sorrows and sadness. It was about doing the best to improve in the worst of situations one gets involved in.

Where is Beth Thomas Now? Is She Married?

Beth Thomas currently resides in Flagstaff. Arizona. And yes, Beth is a married woman. She shared the wedding vows back in 2016, on November 18th. Likewise, she and her mystery husband walked in the aisle in Denver, Colorado along with their close friends and family.

Beth Thomas and her second adopted mother Nancy Thomas
Beth Thomas and her second adopted mother, Nancy Thomas.
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Thomas leads a life away from the media despite her infamous childhood. Similarly, she likes to stay away from social media sites. She currently works as a registered nurse at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. She has been on staff there since 2005.

Beth and her mysterious husband lead a happy married life. So, the duo remains free of cheating scandals. Due to their private nature, we cannot find any information regarding their child. Learn the married life of Jamie Hector

Net Worth and Career of Beth Thomas

Beth Thomas currently holds an estimated net worth of $250,000. Likewise, she managed to gather her money from her career as a registered nurse. Moreover, she works at the Flagstaff Medical Center. Furthermore, she even won a Modern-Day Florence Nightingale Nursing Excellence Award.

Speaking of money, though, an RN or Registered Nurse earns up to $104k annually. Likewise, fresh out the batch RN earn up to $50k a year. So, Beth earns a roughly calculated salary of $100,000 per year, given her experiences.

Beth Thomas with her adopted father
Beth Thomas with her adopted father.
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Aside from her career in the medical field, Thomas also draws her income from her book. Interestingly, Beth and her second adopted mother, Nancy Thomas, published a book. Moreover, her book titled More Than A Thread of Hope currently sells at $26.49 on Amazon.

Thomas and her mother started a company called Families By Design. Furthermore, the company helps heal children with RAD. Likewise, the registered nurse hopes to help children who went through what she did in the past. Also, know the net worth of Gong Yoo

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