Tom Oakley

Tom Oakley is an Australian actor, producer, and famous television personality. Likewise, he is best known for his works on the Television series American Horror Story 2011 and All Saints 2009 throughout his career. Additionally, Tom Oakley has been in limelight for his personal life as well. He is married to a famous Canadian Model […]

Nik Hirschi

Nik Hirschi is an Australian former banker and businessman. In addition, Nik is also popular as the husband and managing partner of social media personality and presenter Alexandra Mary Hirschi, AKA Supercar Blondie. Moreover, Nik became famous because of her wife’s name and fame. Relationship Of Nik Hirschi And Alexandra Mary Hirschi Nik married Alexandra […]

Jan Schiltmeijer

Jan Schiltmeijer is an art director and painter. He started his career as a full-time painter in 2004, has now got fame in the New York City art scene. In addition, Jan launched a website where his beautiful celebrity portrait paintings works are showcased. His paintings include Walter White from Breaking Bad, Marilyn Monroe, Samuel […]

Aaron Latham

Aaron Latham is an American Journalist. He is popular for working at Rolling Stone, Esquire, Talk, and The New York Times. He is also a writer who wrote a few Novels like Crazy Sundays, The Urban Cowboy, Perfect Pieces, Code of the West, and many more. The screenplays Perfect, also with Bridges, another film inspired […]

Sam Kass

One of the recognized chefs on the planet, Sam Kass, is not an average kitchen helper. His ties with Former President Obama and the First lady and made him an internet star. Furthermore, the talented chef is a food analyst for NBC as well as a world-class nutritionist. Sam made headlines with his recent book […]

Peter Sussman

Peter Sussman is an Entertainment Industry Executive. He is a former CEO of The Entertainment Group of Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc and a founder and Executive Chairman at Kew Media Group Inc. In addition, he is also a Hollywood Producer. This American producer rose to fame for his works in How to Rob a Bank […]

Vivek Deora

Vivek Deora is an entrepreneur and businessperson by profession. In addition, he is a celebrity spouse. He came to the spotlight because he has married a television personality and renowned chef Maneet Chauhan. Not to mention, Maneet has appeared as a judge on Chopped on the Food Network and also on The Next Iron Chef […]

Uche Ojeh

Many people rose to fame because of their hard work and contributions to a specific field such as Music, Dance, Acting, and several others. Likewise, some people gained attention because of their relationship with such celebrities and stars. Not to mention, today’s topic concerns Uche Ojah, who gathered media spotlight as the husband of the […]

Elan Ruspoli

Recognized for his flamboyant lifestyle, Elan Ruspoli is married to the stunning actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. Ruspoli is anonymous on the social network. However, he has maintained relevancy through his marriage. The Hollywood agent recently became the father of we. Furthermore, we have gathered interesting details about the actress’s husband; you would enjoy it. Let’s […]

Olu Evans

Olu Evans is an American lawyer who is a corporate attorney is also well recognized as a famous Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland’s husband. But, Do we know the Attorney well enough? So in order to gather some precious and basic information about 41 years old Lawyer covering required parts of his marital status, carrier, networths, and […]

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