Jackie Braasch

If you follow the American street racing show, ‘Street Outlaws,’ then you must be familiar with the show’s star, Justin Shearer, aka, “The Big Chief.” He is a famous street racer who rose to fame after running the show Street Outlaws. In 2017, Justin became involved in a major controversy for his closeness with drag […]

Cindy Gruden

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Cindy Gruden grew up with her family. As the family name, Brooks Gruden is well-known for her marriage with NFL’s Oakland coach Jon Gruden. Cindy is an American national. The university degree that Gruden holds is classical piano, music education, and educational administration. Cindy Gruden’s Early Life From the very beginning, Cindy […]

Carolina Bonistalli

Carolina Bonistallli is the wife of the popular Italian footballer Giorgio Chiellini. Moreover, he plays for the Serie A club Juventus and the Italy national team as defender and captain both. In the same vein, he has acquired the Serie A Defender of the Year three times. Carolina Bonistalli Shares Two Daughters With Giorgio Chiellini […]

Martina Maccari

Martina Maccari is a social media influencer and former model. She is the wife of Leonardo Bonucci, a famous Italian football player. Because of her powerful and determined attitude, she is an idol for many women. Maccari is an Italian blogger, and her blogs are very diverse. Instead of sticking to one subject or element, […]

Genoveffa Darone

Genoveffa Darone is a celebrity wife. She has been in the limelight after marrying the Italian professional footballer Lorenzo Insigne. Furthermore, her husband is a caption of the Serie A TIM football club Napoli and plays forward. This article added Genoveffa Darone’s relationship, net worth, and her husband’s details. Genoveffa Darone Married To The Lorenzo […]

Marissa Mowry

Marissa Mowry is the wife of famous American Football quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Moreover, she is an athlete herself and an aspiring model as well. The Anderson University graduate was a soccer player at Anderson Trojans. In addition, she graduated in public relations and wished to pursue her future further in event management. Not long ago, […]

Natalia Loewe

Natalia Loewe is a celebrity wife who got famed as the prominent footballer Alisson Ramses Becker. Moreover, Natalia is a Brazilian professional physician. Similarly, she was one of the famous doctors. For further details regarding Natalia Loewe, make sure to read till the end. Natalia Loewe Married Alisson Ramses Becker Natalia and Ramses met each […]

Paul Wernick

Canadian screenwriter Paul Wernick is popular for co-writing Deadpool (2016) and sequel Deadpool 2 (2018) alongside Rhett Reese. Without a doubt, the success of both the movie gives a new height of popularity to Paul in Hollywood.  Deadpool Screenwriter Married Life With Wife Paul is married to Rita Hsiao, a screenwriter and famous for movies like Mulan and Dinosaur. The couple tied the knot […]

Ashley Moss

Ashley Moss is most known for being the wife of Richard Sherman, an American football cornerback. She is an entrepreneur, an executive director of her husband’s charitable organization, Blanket Coverage Foundations. She is the owner of the nail salon, US Nail Renton, Washington. Ashley Moss’s Husband – Richard Sherman Richard Sherman, a cornerback in the […]

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