Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich is a conservative commentator, author, blogger, and podcaster from the United States. Pavlich has worked with several famous media outlets like CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC. Katie is popular for her work as a Townhall contributor. Besides that, she has made huge contributions to Fox News Channel as a reporter. Who Is Katie Pavlich’s Husband? Due […]

Dagen McDowell

Mary Dagen McDowell, aka Dagen McDowell, is a Fox Business Network reporter and commentator and a Fox News Channel business correspondent. On the radio, she was a regular guest on FNC’s Hannity show as well as Imus in the Morning. She is the wife of Fox News producer and economic analyst Jonas Max Ferris. Dagen […]

Thea Trachtenberg

Thea Trachtenberg was an Anchor producer for ABC News who died on 12th April 2020. She was best known for her works on Good Morning America for almost two decades. Actually, she was the maker of Good Morning America. Unfortunately, Thea tested positive for Covid-19 and died at the age of 51. Who Was The […]

Joe Flint

Joe Flint is an entertainment and media reporter. Its been almost two decades that he has been involved in the media industry. And, his contributions to the media industry are really amazing and praiseworthy. Currently, he is serving as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal based in the Los Angeles bureau. Who Is The […]

Karina Banda

Karina Banda is a Mexican Journalist, Reporter, Author, Tv Presenter, actress, and as well as Entrepreneur. In addition, She is the one and only Mexican woman to win Emmy for the 6th time. She is well-known for hosting El Gordo y La Falca, which is an entertainment news show. Karina Banda Is Married To Douglas […]

Michael Corn

Michael Corn is a former ABC News’ Good Morning America‘ Senior Executive Producer. He works as a top producer in ABC since 2014. In addition, after serving seven years as an Executive producer in ABC, he unexpectedly announces his leave. Now, he is the president of NewsNation’s (Nexstar) news. Who Is Michael Corn Wife And […]

Kirstyn Crawford

Kirstyn Crawford is an Anchor Producer on ABC News. She is best known as the daughter of Jay Crawford who is an American sports journalist. This producer recently made the headlines when they filed a lawsuit against Michael Corn, the top producer of “Good Morning America.” Kirstyn blamed him for the sexual assault. Who Is […]

Anna Stewart

Anna Stewart is a British Journalist and a CNN reporter. She rose to prominence for CNN’s coverage of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. At present, she is working at CNN in the network’s London bureau as a reporter. Also, she is recognized as one of the determined and dedicated reporters who […]

Gisselle Bravo

Gisselle Bravo is a FOX Sports sports anchor who focuses on boxing. She also worked as a weather broadcaster for the Liberman Broadcasting Network. Gisselle Bravo became as well-known as her co-hosts at Don Cheoto’s Estrella TV. Is Gisselle Bravo Dating? When it comes to Bravo’s personal life, he is currently single. Back then, she […]

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