There are very few people who are not fond of music and songs. The songs help us relieve the pains, and the singers are the reliever. Today in hollywoodwikis, we write about the same late legendary country music singer Holly Dunn.

Although Holly is no more with us, her incredible musical works are discussed all over the media. The acclaimed singer Dunn was born as Holly Suzette Dunn on August 22, 1957, in San Antonio, Texas, the USA. Her parents were preachers and landscape painters. 

Died Because of Ovarian Cancer

The American country music singer and songwriter Holly died at the age of 59, on November 14, 2016. Dunn died around 7:30 am in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as per country living. After the sudden demise, her body was buried at the Salado Cemetery in Salado, Texas, at the Dunn family plot.

Late singer, Holly Dunn.
Picture: Late singer Holly Dunn.
Source: Getty Images 

The minute after the news of her death came to the spotlight, Holly’s fans, followers, and relatives expressed a condolence letter. The American country and gospel vocal quartet The Oak Ridge Boys also shared a picture of Holly captioning, ‘Rest In Peace Holly Dunn.’

For the information, Louise Newbury‘s late husband Bill Paxton is also staying in everyone’s heart even he died because of a stroke on February 25, 2017

Holly Dunn’s Wife 

You might be confused about why Holly shared her intimate life with the woman? Or there may arise a question in your mind regarding her sexuality. Well, the late singer was quite secretive about it. She never revealed her gender; however, when she shared her wedding vows with Melissa Taylor (woman), the media claimed her lesbian.

But it is still unclear whether the late singer is lesbian or straight. It seems like Dunn might be a strong advocate of the LGBTQ community, so, to support them, she married Taylor. 

After the unfortunate death of Holly, Melissa also kept herself far away from the limelight. Since then, what has she been doing, where is she? It is still unknown. It seems like Taylor prefers to keep herself far away from the media and might be busy with her professional work.

Daddy’s Hands Singer, Holly Is Also A Painter

The late Holly was famous for her appearance in the music and was also earning fame as a painter. Dunn started her singing career in 1985. Later on, she announced her retirement from a musical career in 2003

Holly Dunn standing in front of her art pieces.
Photo: Holly Dunn standing in front of her art pieces.

After her retirement, she allots her full time to pursue an artist/painter career. Holly’s mother was a talented oil painter. Holly also decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps by learning from their mother. Afterward, she worked primarily in the medium of soft pastels. 

As per some sources, at that time, Holly’s favorite subjects for paintings were the icons and architecture of America’s Great Southwest and the Great State of Texas. 

Net Worth Of Holly Dunn

The country music singer Dunn enjoyed a net worth of between $500 thousand – $700 thousand during her life span. Late Holly collected those hefty sums of wealth throughout her professional work as a singer. Dunn used to perform in the band called Freedom Folk Singers. 

During her career, she wrote numerous songs in collaboration with her brother Chris Waters, a singer and songwriter. Dunn earned skyrocketing prominence among numeral others when she published her fourth single, ‘Daddy’s Hands‘ in August 1986

Likewise, Holly has also worked in music videos like Two Too Many, As Long As You Belong To Me, and Cowboys Are My Weakness, among several others. Apart from the singer, Dunn is also a painter. From there, too, he accumulated a reasonable sum of wealth.