Marguerite Whitley is a forgotten celebrity ex-wife who rose to fame through her marriage with O.J. Simpson. Well, Orenthal James Simpson, aka O.J is a famous American former football running back player, broadcaster, actor, and advertising spokesman. As a football player, he has played with Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers.

Marguerite Whitley’s Marriage With O.J. Simpson

Marguerite Whitley was married to O.J. Simpson back in her adult days. Further, the duo tied the know of husband and wife on 24 June 1967. As a matter of fact, O.J. was just 19 years old at their wedding. Moreover, their marriage ceremony was held privately between close relatives and friends.

Back to their dating life Marguerite, the first wife of O.J. Simpson, met the former actor and athlete well before becoming a household name or an NFL powerhouse. The two couples began dating in high school and married when they were 19.

Marguerite Whitley with her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson
Marguerite Whitley with her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson
Source: Los Angeles Times

Marguerite shared three kids from their marital relationship with O.J. She gave birth to their first child, Arnelle L. Simpson, in 1968. Likewise, their second child, Jason Lamar Simpson, was born in 1970. Subsequently, their third child, Aaren Lashone Simpson, was born in 1977 and tragically died after two years of her birth.

Marguerite Whitley with her husband and two kids
Marguerite Whitley with her husband and two kids
Source: Sportscasting

In August 1979, she fell into the swimming pool and a coma. Later on 26 August, Aaren passed away due to respiratory failure just a few days before her second birthday. Unfortunately, the pair parted ways in the same year. In March 1970, the lovey-dovey couple officially divorced.

Reason For Marguerite Whitley And O.J. Simpson’s Divorce

The reason for their divorce seems to be Simpson’s growing celebrity. In an interview with People Magazine, he said,

The price of fame was our biggest problem. My wife is a private person, yet we can’t walk down the street without causing a commotion.”

Not only that, but the reason for their divorce was also the relationship of O.J. and Nicole Brown, who was a waitress at a nightclub, Daisy. Simpson met her in 1977 and started dating despite being hitched to Marguerite.

What Is Marguerite Whitley Doing Now?

Mother of three kids, Marguerite married twice after her divorce from O.J. Simpson. She exchanged the wedding vows with Rudolph Lewis in 1986. Rudolph was a transit supervisor at that moment. After a few years of marriage, they separated in 1991. After her second divorce, she walked down the aisle with a furniture sales representative, Anthony Thomas, in 1992.

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Since then, Marguerite has lived a low-key life far from media attention. Likewise, there is no confirmation about whether she is still together with Anthony or not. As a secretive person, she might be living a peaceful life away from crowds and media reach.

Marguerite Whitley’s Net Worth

Marguerite has not disclosed much about her professional career as a celebrity wife. The only thing that is clear to the public is that she runs a family business and is a businesswoman by profession. So, she might be earning a decent amount of profit from her business. Sadly, the actual figure of Marguerite Whitley is still under review.

Apart from her earnings, she received $26,000 per year as a divorce settlement from O.J. and $1,500 as child support. On the other hand, her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson’s net worth is around $3 Million as of 2022, close to Charlotte Flair. Not to mention, he earned this hefty amount of wealth through his successful career as an American football player, sports commentator and actor.

 Simpson was also found financially responsible for the murder of Ronald Goldman. But he was not guilty of the murder of Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. As a result of the Ron Goldman civil case, OJ was ordered to pay the Goldman family $33.5 million in damages. 

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