Rebeca Tavares is a former professional footballer and Instagram star. She is famous for being the wife of the most versatile defensive midfielder, Fabinho, who plays for the most popular club, Liverpool.

Rebeca played football for Spain as an attacker, where she took inspiration from the footballer name Ronaldinho.

Can we know enough about Rebeca Tavares? So here we provide you with the details of her net worth, relationship, career and more.

Relationship between Rebeca Tavares and Fabinho

She is probably a married woman if we go deep into her personal life. Rebeca gets married to a professional football player Fabinaho. Further, the couple hasn’t shared much about their wedding details.

But, as we know, the couple has often posted pictures on both social sites. Moreover, Rebeca even told the media she started to like him first, and in the end, an Instagram star got a proposal from him.

Rebeca Tavares and her husband
Source: Instagram

The duo got to know each other for the first time in 2013. Unfortunately, the place hasn’t been revealed yet after three years of dating each other. Rebeca and her husband decided to get married in 2015.

It has been seven years that the couple has been together, and we can see their bond is still strong, just like before. Rebeca clarifies that the couple has lived a life full of love and fun through her social sites.

How much Net Worth does Rebeca Tavares have?

A gorgeous woman worked hard for her career where she holds a net worth of around $1.5 million, similar to Martina Maccari. She earns all the wages from her former football career, where she used to play for the national.

Further, Rebeca is known as an Instagram star for now, and even her Instagram has more than 138k followers, which is a massive amount, no doubt a model gets a good sponsor for sure.

Rebeca Tavares enjoying her rich life
Source: Instagram

Also, her exact salary hasn’t been revealed yet, but if we go through the average salary of female football players in Europe, we can estimate her earnings to be 30,000 euros per season. Also, her husband earns 180,000 pounds per season and has a networth of 40 Million euros.

Rebeca Tavares’s Football Career

Rebeca Tavares was born in Brazil on December 2, 1994. The footballer moved to Spain when she was just six years old. Brazil, known as a Football game-created country.

As a Brazilian, Football is in her blood. Rebeca is the youngest of three children and started playing football early.

Rebeca Tavares in football jersey Source: Instagram

When Rebeca first started to play the game, it wasn’t thought highly of women playing football. A footballer experiences how difficult it was for women to play football—rooting for Brazil, Rebeca Admires, the star of the team, Marta.

After the defeat against the host country, a tearful Marta sent a message to the young Brazilian girls.

She asked them to train more, want more, and give more to football. Even Though Rebeca has stopped playing, she remains attentive to the evolution of women’s football.

Now based in Liverpool, Rebeca has discovered another level of women’s football.

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