Rosie Ellen Celine Marcel, professionally known as Rosie Marcel, is an English actress. Moreover, she is well-known for her portrayal as Jac Naylor in the BBC drama series Holby City. Further, she also starred in the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)movie, Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Rosie Marcel Is Married Woman

Well, the actress is a married woman and single mother of two children. However, Marcel had been in a terrible condition in her past years. When she was twenty years, she had endometriosis disease and blood clotting disorder, which almost bled to death.

Rosie Marcel with her husband in their wedding
Rosie Marcel with her husband in their wedding
Source: Instagram

Later on, she again ill with a rare condition, Bechet’s disease, which left her almost bedridden for two years. Likewise, In 2008, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Even though Marcel had gone through many life and death situations, she eventually succeeded in living and became a parent.

Meanwhile, In March 2013, she tied a knot with a gym owner Ben Stacey in Las Vegas. After two years, she gave birth to their first child Beau Marcel Stacey in 2015. Later on, she announced that she was pregnant with her second child daughter and welcomed on January 21, 2015.

How Rich Is Rosie Marcel?

Talking about the fortune of Marel, it is a fact that she was from an affluent family. Her mother, Lindsey Brook, was a TV & movie actress and her father, Terry Marcel was a film director. Seemingly, her parents have earned a considerable amount of revenue for her.

Rosie Marcel
Rosie Marcel
Source: Instagram

As of 2021, Marcel’s father has a net worth of $100,000. However, Marcel is one of the highest-paid stars of BBC, along with a yearly salary for her role in Holby City in the range of $267051 to $282029. Likewise, she has made around $500-$1 million from the movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

According to our source, Rosie Marcel has a whooping net worth of $600,000 in 2021. Contrastingly, her husband, Ben Stacey, is rich with a fortune of $200,000. The pair has gathered incredible fortunes and living a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle along with their two kids.

Acting Career Of Rosie Marcel

Marcel was from a “dramatic” family, and at just three years old, she worked at the National Theatre show A Midsummer Nights Dream as a fairy. Meanwhile, she appeared in the movie Bergerac as a Michelle in 1985. Likewise, she portrayed the role of Sophie in the 1989 children’s comedy-drama Press Gang.

Rosie Marcel in the drama Holby City
Source: Instagram

In 1999, Marcel played the role of Donna Palmer in the show called Days Like These. Later on, she entered the TV series Holby City as Jac Naylor. Before this, she appeared in the role of Louise Larson over twenty episodes of The Bill, a British Police Procedural TV series.

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Terry Marcel Father
Lindsey Brook Mother
Kelly Marcel Sister
Beau Marcel Stacey Daugther
Ben Stacey Huband
Scott Bunce Ex-Husband