Aaron Kaufman is an American television personality and owner of Arclight Fabrication. Also, he is popular for his tv shows like Fast N’Loud, Shifting ears With Aaron Kaufman, Aaron Needs a Job and, many more. Also, he is the former lead mechanic for Gas Monkey Garage.

Can we know enough about Aaron Kaufman? So, we provide you with the details of his relationship, net worth and, more.

Does Aaron Kaufman Have A Wife?

If we go through the deep in his personal life, Aaron is probably in a relationship for now. But the thing is, some rumors are spreading that he might be dating Lauren Moore.

However, most news channels spotted them in the Discovery Award show by cheering and supporting him for his upcoming new project where she is showing love towards Aaron.

Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore
Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore
Source: Obeki

Also, both duo shares an attentiveness on both sides of social media. Moreover, many people still doubt that is they really in a relationship or not?

Our research seems to be in a relationship, but still, the duo hasn’t talked about it. Also, there is no quite dating history of Aaron and Lauren too. But maybe they have been dating for a while, and maybe they don’t want any media highlight regarding them.

Past Relationship Of Aaron Kaufman

There we talk about his past relationship, which most of the people wanted to know. We all know that it is hard to keep people with you if they don’t want to stay, similar to Aaron Kaufman with Lindsay.

The couple is pretty famous for their love side, but it is not going to be longer. He found a lady attractive, positive, charming, and beautiful in the past where he started liking her.

Aaron Kaufman and his ex-girlfriend
Aaron Kaufman and his ex-girlfriend
Source: Married Biography

Both people took a friendship when they met for the first time, but as time died slowly, both started loving each other and being close.

The couple finally shared in 2013 that they were officially dating each other where their fans are excited to see them together. Also, Aaron revealed that he was the one who proposed first. Further, few months they stopped talking about each other. Also, read about Kimberly Woodruff.

Unfortunately, they broke up with each other, but there is still an unknown about the gave the broke up. Their fans asked about the reason, but the duo never replied.

After few years, Lindsay created a blog named “About That Beateded Guy” about Aaron. People ask many questions about “How he made that kind of beard” and a lot similar, but there is no mention of their broke of reason.

Aaron Kaufman Car Collection And Love Towards Modifying

If we go some time back, Aaron was talented to discover taking things apart and reassembling them. He took it seriously and started work as a passion, and after that, Aaron decided to modify cars, and his interest went to cars.

After that, he also worked at a local garage when he met none other than Richard Rawlings. Richard, who knows everything about cars he impresses Aaron and invites him to work together.

Aaron Kaufman with modifying a car
Aaron Kaufman with modifying a car
Source: Instagram

His passion has always been to build difficult cars and refurbish them. Also, he decided to leave it all behind and go his own way. Moreover, his brilliant mechanic used to be seen on a program known as Fast N’ Loud on Discovery Channel.

However, he still loves to collect cars even he spotted Lamborgini, Mustang and, many more expensive cars. Even he loved to collect old cars like Porsche 911, Land Rover, Ford Model T and, more.

 Aaron Kaufman car collection
Aaron Kaufman car collection
Source: Instagram

He posted pictures of cars, saying that he loved to have such cars in his life. However, he is still an actor, so there is no doubt in the future, he might get all the cars that he wanted from a long time ago. He is still modifying cars, and even he spotted an in-car race stadium which shows he is quite popular in this sector.

How Much Does Net Worth Aaron Kaufman Has?

A handsome hunk holds a net worth of around $8 million, similar to Sri Jegarajah. He earns money from his careers like Tv shows and car modifying. Also, it seems like he has some hidden business, which means he even earns from there. Also, he has his garage and where he is modifying cars.

 Aaron Kaufman living a rich life
Aaron Kaufman living a rich life
Source: Instagram

Also, he has more than 899k followers on Instagram, so there is no doubt he got a popular sponsor for sure. Also, if we go through, the salary of him doesn’t reveal.

Still, we see the average salary of an American tv personality is around $78,500, and lower is around $18,000, but he might earn higher than average for sure. He is still active in his profession, so maybe we can see his net worth growth in the future.

More About Gas Monkey Garage’s Lead Mechanic, Aaron Kaufman

Aaron Kaufman was born on January 26, 1982, in Crowley, Texas, United States.

He has always loved mechanics, and even he loved to collect cars and have been interested since he was a kid. Further, he hasn’t shared much about his personal life and even his family members’ details. In the future, maybe we might see his family member’s information.

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