Advertising Policy

We run only one type of advertising — mobile-friendly sponsored content that is clearly marked for the audience’s sake. There are no pop-up ads because they are distracting for readers and ineffective for the advertiser.

All advertisers must stick to decency and language standards that are included in our advertising best practices.

Favebits will not run certain types of ads, including those with: phrases like “breaking news” that may mislead the audience to believe it’s journalism; commercial promotion of tobacco, firearms, diet pills or cryptocurrency; negative caricatures of people; disparagement of competitors; disrespectful use of national symbols or flags; and, sponsor names that do not accurately represent the funding entity behind the campaign.

Favebites reserves the right to decline, at its discretion, any submission that includes content or a topic that favebites deems inappropriate, unfair, offensive, discriminatory, in poor taste, potentially libelous, or otherwise objectionable.
For more information on our advertising policies, contact us here.