YouTube is one of the huge platforms to showcase your talent, and just a single video can make you an overnight sensation among audiences. Alex Wassabi is one of them who rose to fame as a YouTuber and garnered 11.5 million+ subscribers.

Relationship Status of Alex Wassabi

The 29-years old YouTuber is currently dating his Mexican girlfriend, Caeli aka CaELiKe who happens to be one of the popular internet personalities with millions of followers. The duo is together since early 2019 and Alex first shared a picture with his current partner in April. 

Alex is dating Caeli since 2019.
Source: Instagram (@alexwassabi

Wassabi is quite open up about his love and didn’t hesitate to share posts with Caeli, but his beau tried to keep her romantic life as private as possible and hardly shares any glimpse to fans. 

Past Affairs

Alex was in a romantic relationship with a girl named Becky in 2012 before becoming an internet sensation. The couple, however, failed to handle their relationship and after two years of togetherness, they split apart in 2014.

Then, Wassabi found his love in fellow Youtuber, Lauren Riihimaki aka LaurDIY, and shortly started dating in 2015 after meeting her in New York. It isn’t wrong to say, the duo was one of the favorite youtube couples among fans, and their break up breaks many hearts. 

On December 31, 2018, the YouTuber thanks Lauren for three nostalgic years and mentioned: “wouldn’t trade a single memory, thanks for the adventures 2018.”

Alex shared the thankful post with his former girlfriend.
Source: Instagram (@alexwassabi)

It seems like, the former couple seperated in mutual understanding and still shares a cordial relationship.

Net Worth

Alex Wassabi has a net worth of $1 million-$2 million from his career as a YouTuber. He has more millions subscribers on his YouTube channel, “Wassabi” which ranked 158 in the USA. Moreover, according to SocialBlade, he made $5,300-$84,000 per month and $63,000-$1 million from his channel.

The Youtuber is equally popular on Instagram with 3.7 million+ followers and considering his popularity; he might earn $3000-$5,000 per promotional post. Further, he also made a decent sum from his musical career and tours. Recently, in June 2019, he launched his first music video ever “Night Shirt” along with Vanessa Merrell.

The young internet star also runs his own eponymous clothing line, “Alexwassabi” which offers a variety of t-shirt, hoodies, tops starting from $25-$50.

Career as YouTuber

Alex started his official youtube channel, Wasabi in 2006 along with his school friend, Roi Fabito but started posting in 2009. They, however, rose to fame after starred in the ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody as new characters’ Rolanda’ and ‘Richard.’

Popular Youtuber, Alex Wassabi.
Source: E-online

Later, the duo decided to produce weeks videos on Wednesday, but after few years of collaboration, Roi left the Wasabi and Alex alone started running his youtube channel. To date, he garnered 11.5 million+ views along with 4.2 billion views.

Alex also runs another self-titled youtube channel and has a pretty amazing fan base, but he hasn’t uploaded anything since 2017.

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 Caeli aka CaELiKe Girl Friend