Canoeist Anders Larsson was born in Sweden on February 6, 1951. He is popular worldwide for his accomplishments in the sport. Anders Hakan Larsson is a Swedish sprint canoeist who was active in the sport during the middle of the 1970s.

At the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal, he competed in the K-4 1000 m event but did not advance past the semifinals. Astrologers have determined that Anders Larsson possesses the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

In terms of Anders Larsson’s educational background, he comes from one of the most prominent families in Sweden. Anders has a secure financial situation. He attended one of the prestigious private schools in Sweden for his primary education.

Later is pursuing graduation with honors, although his higher educational qualification has not been disclosed as of yet.

Anders Larsson personal life

Because Anders Larsson is quite traditional and does not like to publicize his things in the media, no information is available regarding his personal life.

This is because there is no information available regarding his personal life.

Anders with her daughter Zara and wife. Source: BigstarBio

On the other hand, he is a married man, so we can say his marital status is taken care of. He shared vows with Agnetha Larsson.

In addition to that, he is the father of two daughters. They are Zara Larsson, an extremely talented and a successful Swedish singer. Another daughter is named Hanna Larsson.

Professional life

Anders was a Swedish freestyle wrestler who triumphed in the light-heavyweight division of the Olympic competition held in 1920 and took home the gold medal. Because of his large palms, which resembled paddles, Larsson became known as “Padd-Anders.”

He worked in restaurants as a bouncer and janitor, advising law enforcement agencies on effective self-defense methods.

During the 1920 Summer Olympics, he saved the life of Kore Sorvik, a member of the Norwegian Olympic team, by preventing another man from stabbing him with a knife during a fight that broke out in a dance club.

About Anders Larsson’s daughters, Zara and Hanna

Zara Larsson is a young artist who has already achieved a great deal of success as a singer and songwriter. She has a charming personality, and her musical abilities are truly remarkable.

She is also a contestant who has participated in the singing competition at Sweden’s Got Talent, which was a significant factor in her rise to prominence in other parts of the globe.

Zara and Hanna Larsson. Source: Pinterest

She began singing at a young age and has always had a strong interest in and appetite for acquiring knowledge of various musical topics and instruments.

That is why she has had compassion for music for quite some time. However, Zara Larsson’s self-titled debut album was issued in 2013 and was her first release.

Hanna Larsson is a pop singer like her older sister, but she is two years younger than her. She was born in Sweden and has also released several songs online.

As a result, Zara Larsson is not the only person in the household to have achieved fame due to singing because her sister is also famous.

Who is Zara Larsson dating?

2017 marked the beginning of Zara Larsson and Brian Whittaker‘s romantic relationship. After a couple of happy years together, they decided to go their separate ways in 2019.

Brian is a well-known Instagram star by trade and hails from England. Brian also has a British accent.

Zara Larsson with her ex-boyfriend Brian. Source: Cosmopolitan

She has never been in a relationship with anyone else, either within the industry or outside of it, other than Brian. As a result, she only has a love for Brian, and after they broke up, she has never been in another relationship.

Consequently, it is possible that she is currently concentrated on her career and does not want to enter into a relationship any further.

Zara Larsson’s popularity on Social media

Most public figures keep their fan bases up to date on their daily lives by posting on their social networking sites and accounts. Additionally included among them is Anders’s daughter.

Zara Larsson. Source: BT

In addition to her career as a singer, Zara is also quite popular on the social media platform Instagram. She has a sizable and growing number of followers on her official social account.

Typically, Zara is available on Instagram under the handle @zaralarsson, where they have amassed more than 7 million followers and 430 posts.

The majority of the content that she posts on Instagram is about her career, lifestyle, and various brand endorsements.

Net Worth and Earnings

In terms of the financial standing of an Olympic wrestler, Anders is not only one of the most successful athletes to have been born in Sweden. But he is also listed as one of the sportspersons with the highest net worth.

Anders is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $5 million, according to both Wikipedia and Forbes, as well as our research. Because he is one of the most successful athletes, most of his income comes from the sports industry.

On the other hand, as of 2022, his daughter Zara Larsson has an estimated net worth of approximately 10 million dollars. The majority of which she has earned from her career as a singer.

The reason behind the death of Anders Larsson

Unfortunately, one of the gold medalists and most popular wrestlers have passed away. The father of two daughters passed away on January 4, 2003, at 52 years old in Gothenburg Municipality, Vastra Gotaland County.

In addition, there is no notional information regarding the cause of his death. Even though he died at 52 in Gothenburg Municipality, the loss of a much-loved father is something both of her daughters feel deeply about.

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