April Simpkins is the CEO of TotalHR, a company that provides human resource solutions to small and mid-sized organizations. She has assisted over 1000 businesses in growing and upgrading their human capital throughout her career.

She has also won several awards, including the Mecklenburg Times’ 50 Most Influential Women’s Award and the Charlotte Business Journal’s 2020 Women In Business Achievement Award.

April Simpkins Daughter Committed Suicide

April Simpkins’s daughter Cheslie Kryst committed suicide on Jan 30, 2022. As per the police report it stated that Kryst jumped from the 60th floor at Orion Building located in Manhattan on Sunday, Jan 30. On the street below, she was found dead.

Her apartment is on the ninth floor. According to the source, she was alone at the time of the jump. She was also said to have been last seen on the 29th-floor.

Krist wrote on her Instagram profile just hours before she jumped: “May this day bring you rest and peace.”

According to authorities, Cheslie Kryst drafted a letter stating that she had given her belongings to her mother. Besides, Friends and relatives have paid tribute to the late media personality and pageant queen on social media.

April Simpkins Wiki

Born in the United States, April has not disclosed her birth date and age. But it came to know that mother of Cheslie has over 30 years of expertise experience within the Enterprise Group.

Who is April’s Husband?

April is a private person, so it is difficult to find out is she married or not. But some sources claimed that her child’s father is Rodney A. Kryst.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether Rodney was April’s husband or not. According to Wikipedia, Chelsie’s father is of Polish American descent. Except it, we are unable to find his information on the internet. Neither were we able to locate his single picture over the internet.

Back in 20220, Cheslie disclosed that her father had fully inspired her. Her dad, former bodybuilder, and mother split up when Cheslie was young. On occasion, on Father’s Day in 2020, Kryst said in a video:

“Today is a special day to show appreciation to all the fathers and father figures who have made our lives special,”

Further, the star revealed that her father was the one who introduced her to athletics.

Does April Simpkins Daughter Already Celebrate Her Wedding?

Late beauty pageant titleholder wasn’t married or even dating. The lady kept her information private from the media. Moreover, her Instagram posts also reveal nothing about having a boyfriend. In her social media account, she posted pictures with her colleagues, but not a single of them seemed to be her boyfriend.

April Simpkins Net Worth and Career

Throughout her successful career, April Simpkins has gathered a huge amount of money. Her net worth is $1 Million as of 2022.

April Simpkins is a well-known Former Model, Head of Beauty Event, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur, DEI Strategist, Human Resources Coordinator, and Chief of Staff from the United States.

Moreover, Simpkins has 30 years of high-level staff experience and is a double-certified HR Professional. She is also a Human Resources Coordinator and Chief Human Resources Officer for Total HR. April Simpkins’ knowledge and experience as a coordinator and her work ethic established her as a respected business mentor.

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