Among many other star kids, Arlo Day Brody has also been grabbing mass media curiosity. Born with the silver spoon in her mouth Day Brody has been capturing huge attention; thanks to her celebrity parents.

Arlo Day is the eldest kid daughter of Leighton Marissa Meester, an American actress, writer, and producer, and Adam Jared Brody, an American actor, singer, and model. Mr. and Mrs. Brody both are professionally successful personalities.

Similarly, Arlo Day was born as the only daughter of Leighton and Adam on August 4, 2015, in Whittier, California. Although her birth details are publicized, she rarely makes public appearances. The entertainment stars who prefer private parenting have kept their daughter Arlo far from social media as well. Let’s read more about this celebrity girl in the following sections.

Arlo Day Brody’s Parents (Adam Brody And Leighton Meester)’s First Meeting

As Arlo Day Brody’s parents are lovely celebrity couples whose relationship has always become everyone’s topic. Likewise, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are one of the couples whose relationship sparked from the set. Having the same interests and sharing the same professional field helped Adam and Leighton grow closer and start their romantic affair.

The American actor Adam Broody and actress Leighton Meester first met on the set of the movie The Oranges.
The American actor Adam Brody and actress Leighton Meester first met on the set of the movie The Oranges.
Source: Instagram @the_webnews

Further, Brody and Meester officially started dating in February 2013. The couple’s first meeting was on the set of the movie The Oranges. In the 2011 romantic comedy film, Leighton portrayed the role of Nina Ostroff and Adam played the character Toby Walling.

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Adam and Leighton did not start their affair right after the first meeting, They began their relationship after a year as he was dating someone else at the moment. On March 29, 2021, at Anna Faris’s Unqualified Podcast Adam said, “We did this movie together, The Oranges. I was seeing someone at the time. So we met the kind of through mutual work friends off and on. We didn’t get together until about a year after that movie when I was single.

Adam Brody And Leighton Meester’s Marriage

After a year of private relationship, Adam bends down on his knee and pulls out a ring to start a new life with his girlfriend, Leighton. The celebrity couple got engaged in November 2013. Though, the couple is extremely private about their personal life.

Likewise, after engaging for a brief moment, the celebrity couple decided to begin their new journey as a husband and wife. Adam and Leighton walked down on aisle on February 2014. Being an extremely private couple, they also decided not to share details of their intimate marriage that happened in the presence of their close friends and family members.

The Orange casts Adam Broody and Leighton Meester have been married since February 2014.
The Orange casts Adam Brody and Leighton Meester have been married since February 2014.
Source: Instagram @ohadambrody (fan page)

Finally, the couple’s fan got their piece of mind. The couple officially made their first debut together on the red carpet at The 2014 Tony Mony Awards. As of now, Adam and his wife Leighton are living a private wedding life. Unlike other entertainment stars, they have managed to keep every detail of their marriage life within themselves.

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The Making History actress Leighton has also not shared pictures with her husband on her official social sites. On the other hand, Gilmore Girls actor Brody does not have an official social media account.

Arlo Day Brody Has A Younger Brother

The lovely Arlo has a younger sibling, a brother. Though Arlo’s parents have yet to disclose her baby brother’s full name. Further, Adam revealed his about his newborn son in September 2020 at the Hold the Phone Tv’s The Fun Time Boys Game Night Spectacular on Twitch.

The O.C. actor said, “I have a new kid, I have a boy, and he’s a dream. He’s a dream boy.” The big sister Arlo Day loves to spend her time with her brother. The seven years old Arlo is welcoming to her baby brother and shares a close bond together.

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Moreover, in the interview with Access Hollywood, actress Leighton talked about how much she is grateful to have her husband Adam as her kids’ father. Leighton said, “I get the joy and the pleasure of watching him become a father,”

Meester continued. “He’s everything that I imagined he would be as a father when we [first] decided to have kids. It is really amazing he has become that and [is] becoming every day more so.”

Arlo Day Brody’s Net Worth

The beautiful daughter of celebrity couple Adam and Lieghton, Arlo lives lavishly. Arlo is still young so there is no chance of her involvement in any professional work. Currently, she is focusing on her studies and enjoys her mother’s and father’s net worth.

Arlo Day Broody with her mother Leighton Meester and father Adam Broody.
Arlo Day Brody with her mother Leighton Meester and father Adam Brody.
Source: Instagram @sweetleighton

Furthermore, Arlo is surrounded by her talented parents who have succeeded in their acting careers. Maybe netizens can expect her to see following her parent’s legacy. However, Arlo has never made her public appearance. Maybe, in the future, she might decide to choose a different field.

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Nonetheless, with a successful career in Hollywood Adam and Leighton enjoys an incredible amount of wealth. According to Celebrity Net worth, Leighton enjoys a $16 million net worth, which is combined with her husband Adam, an actor, musician, and producer.

The all-rounder couple who are flair in many fields enjoys a great amount of wealth through their capability.

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