Avie Lee Owens is a celebrity mother. She is the mother of Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Avrie’s daughter rose to prominence after her work in country music.

Avie Lee Is Married to Robert Lee Parton

Avie Lee is private when it comes to her personal life. However, it is no secret she was a married woman. Avie Lee Caroline tied the knot to Robert Lee Parton. This duo liked to keep things low-key, so there is not much information about when and where they met each other.

The duo married very young age. Yet, they have to reveal the entire wedding date and venue to the media. The couple was living happily together. Nevertheless, we are keeping tabs and will update you once this information is available. 

Parton Couple
Parton Couple Image: Find a Grave

Avie and Lee raised twelve children. Stella Parton, Willadeene Parton, Randy Parton, Freida Estella Parton, Rachel Parton, Cassie Nan Parton, Coy Denver Parton, Robert Lee Parton Jr., David Wilburn Parton, Larry Gerald Parton and Floyd Parton are the children of Avie and Robert Lee.

Net Worth Of Avie Lee Caroline

Mother of twelve children, Avie is private regarding her living lifestyle. But it is no secret that she had struggled in her early life. Avie Lee and Lee Parton raised 12 children in the family’s one-bedroom house. Her net worth is under review; however, her daughter Dolly’s net worth is about $500 million.

Avie's children
Avie’s children Image: Cheat Sheet

Also, her other children are famous musicians and earn a heft amount from their careers. According to ZipRecruiter, In the United States, the average yearly salary for a Singer is $157,782. The majority of Singer salaries presently vary from $40,000 to $400,000 per year.

The family was impoverished, but as Parton later explained, they were rich in qualities money could not buy, such as love and happiness. Moreover, the mother of Dolly treasured her relationship with her children. Dolly would lavish her parents with expensive gifts to thank you for rearing her.

Children Of Avie Lee Owens

According to The things, Avie, like Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music, was able to keep her children occupied while Robert labored in the mountains. She taught her children folklore and how to sing, and they became a singing family.

After growing up in such a musical household, seven of the eleven children ended up in show business, and all of them have collaborated at some point. Moreover, like Parton and Floyd, Stella went on to have chart-topping success.

Parton family
Parton family Image: Dolly Parton

Avie’s daughter Stella had successes, including I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight and performed in various TV series during the 1970s, including Dolly Parton’s 2015 television film Coat of Many Colors.

Cloud Dancer, Ragin’ Cajun, and A Dance for Bethany are her other credits. Randy is a performer as well. He was a member of the Moonlight Bandits and sang background vocals on the soundtrack of Dolly Parton’s film Rhinestone.

About Avie Owens’s Fourth Child, Dolly Parton

Dolly Rebecca Parton is a country music singer-songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur from the United States. Following her success as a songwriter for others, Parton made her album debut in 1967 with Hello. I’m Dolly.

Dolly with her mother
Dolly with her mother Image: Dolly Parton

The album led to victory throughout the rest of the 1960s, both as a solo artist and with a series of duet albums with Porter Wagoner before her sales and chart peak during the 1970s and 1980s. Also, know about Georgeta Orlovschi.

Furthermore, Parton’s records did not sell as well in the 1990s. Still, she found financial success again in the new century and has released albums on several indie labels since 2000, including her label, Dolly Records. Throughout her career, she has sold over 100 million records globally.

Avie Lee Owens’s Life After Being Mother And Death

According to Cheatsheet, Avie Lee Owens was a breathtakingly beautiful vocalist. She sang a lot of ancient “English, Irish, Welsh, and folk tunes where people recount stories.” Many people believe that Parton’s mother was her first musical influence.

Robert, Dolly and Avie
Robert, Dolly and Avie Image: Pinterest

Avie Lee, who was almost a child herself, was sensitive to her children’s wants and wishes. When Dolly Parton insisted on wearing skin-tight clothing, Avie Lee assisted her in customizing them. Dolly was the preacher’s daughter, and as a child, she was not permitted to dress whatever she pleased.

Sadly, Avie passed away at the age of 80. According to Findagrave, on December 5, 2003, at Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, USA. She was buried at Angel Hill Cemetery Sevierville, Sevier County, Tennessee, USA.

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Rena Kansas Owens Mother
Jake Robert Owens Father
Timothy C. Rauhoff Grand Daughter
Heidi Lou Daughter
Dolly Parton Daughter
Willadeene Parton Daughter
Stella Parton Daughter
Freida Estelle Parton Daughter
Randy Parton Son
Rachel Dennison Daughter
Cassie Nan Parton Daughter
Larry Gerald Parton Son
Coy Denver Parton Son
David Wilburn Parton Son
Floyd Parton Son
Robert Lee Parton Jr. Son