Brian Teefey serves as a manager in the LH7 Management. More than from professional work, Brian is earning full media attention as the celebrity husband of Mandy Teefey. He is also a step-father of famous American singer, songwriter, and model Selena Marie Gomez, professionally known as Selena Gomez.

Brian was born in 1979, in Detroit, Michigan, to the American Teefrey family. As of now, he is living lavishly and happily with his celebrity wife, daughter, and step-daughter in Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, his wife, Mandy, was born Amanda Dawn Cornett. She used to act in stage productions. Likewise, she has also worked as an executive producer in the teen drama TV series 13 Reasons Why

Mandy and Brian’s Love Life

The 40-years-old Brian and the 43-years-old Mandy shared their wedding vows on 18th May 2006. The wedding ceremony is held secretly in front of the bride and groom’s close ones. 

Brian and Mandy are quite secretive about their personal life, so the information regarding their marriages is still unavailable. 

Brian Teefey, along with his beloved wife, Mandy Teefey
Brian Teefey, along with his beloved wife, Mandy Teefey.
Source: Zimbio

The pair prefers to keep their intimate life details under the limelight. It seems like they are happy with their secretness and are living joyfully. After tying the knot, the pair were also preparing to be the most fortunate and blessed parents, but Mandy suffered a miscarriage in 2011.

After two years of her miscarriage, Mandy again became pregnant with her third child. This time on 12th June 2013, in Los Angeles, California.

Brian and Mandy welcomed their beautiful daughter, Gracie Elliot Teefey. As of 2019, she is six years old and is living a lavish life along with her beloved parents and celebrity half-sister.

Gracie Elliot Teefey, the daughter of Mandy and Brian Teefey
 Gracie Elliot Teefey, the daughter of Mandy and Brian Teefey.
Source: Fandom

Although Gracie’s parents are secretive about their relationship and do not share photos on their official social sites, Gracie is featured in many pictures updated by her half-sibling. She even visits many public events and programs with her sister. 

LH7 Management’s Manager, Brian Teefey’s Half-Child: Selena Gomez

Before sharing a wedding vows with Gracie’s father, Brian, Mandy was in a romantic relationship with an Instagram personality, Ricardo Joel Gomez.

Ricardo and Mandy shared their wedding vow back in 1992, secretly. They married happily and shared one beautiful daughter, Selena Gomez, on 22nd July 1992. Mandy shared Selena at the age of 16

Ricardo Joel Gomez and Richardo Joel Gomez
Ricardo Joel Gomez and Richardo Joel Gomez.
Source: Instagram @wrikster

As of now, their daughter, Selena, is earning enough fans and followers being a singer, songwriter, and TV producer. She has also won numerous awards, like ALMA Award for her favorite TV actress.

Likewise, in 2016, she was honored with the American Music Awards for the Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and numerous others.

Victoria Gomez, step-sister of Selena Gomez
Victoria Gomez, step-sister of Selena Gomez.
Source: Instagram @wrikster

Everything was going fine, Ricardo and Mandy were also parenting their kid happily, but finally, they decided to spill their 5-year long marital relationship in 1997.

As of now, Mandy is living her marital life with a new husband, Brian Teefey. Ricardo is also a married man currently living with his wife, Sara Gomez, and daughter, Victoria Gomez. 

Brian Teefey‘s Net Worth: $300 Thousand 

The manager, Brian, has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand in total. As per Glassdoor, the average manager remuneration in the United States of America is $97,453. Besides this, his wife, Mandy, has a net value of a million, which she has collected throughout her professional work.

Besides this, Brian’s step-daughter, Selena, has a total fortune of $75 million. Selena’s primary income source is her active involvement in professional work as a singer and songwriter.

Besides this, she is also a TV actress who has portrayed her role as Gianna in Barney and Friends. 

The lady likewise is also a model who has made her endorsement deals with many famous fashion brands, companies, and magazines. In September 2017, Selena made her modeling deal under the budget of $30 million with a well-known brand, Puma.

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