Courtney Brooke Wagner is one of the notoriously famous actresses. After being involved in different controversies and illegal activities, she came to the highlight.

On the contrary to most of the well-recognized actresses, Courtney is known for causing trouble.

Is Courtney Brooke Wagner Married?

Talking about the relationship of Courtney Brooke Wagner has dated several celebrities. Courtney was dating Stephen Dorff for almost five years, from 1991-1996. However, the relationship couldn’t last that long because of the chaotic behavior of the actress.

Soon, in 2002, she started dating Maximilian Leroy. As the stars dating each other for quite a long time, the stars decided to stay apart from each other. Because of some misunderstanding, the actors broke.

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Courtney had also dated several other celebrities previously. Before dating Stephen, Courtney was in a relationship with Renn Hawkey. Most of her boyfriends left her because of her drugs and alcoholic nature. In 2012, the actress was dating Matthew Cox but soon got separated because of the drug bust. Currently, the actress is living her single life, but she has been facing lots of controversies because of her habits.

Net Worth Of Courtney Brooke Wagner

Courtney Brooke Wagner hasn’t revealed much about her financial information. However, the actress has a net worth of around $1 million, similar to Lucas Jade Zumann. The net worth of her father, Robert Wagner, is $20 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Her father is a multitalented actor. In fact, he is an actor and film producer. In addition, her mother has a net worth of $2.5 million. Furthermore, the actress has been living a luxurious life as she was born into a millionaire family.

More Information About Courtney Brooke Wagner

Courtney Wagner was born on March 9, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. In addition, Courtney Brooke Wagner’s mother, Natalie Wood, is a singer and actress, whereas her father, Robert Wagner, is an actor and movie producer.

The actress had a luxurious lifestyle during her childhood, being born into a millionaire family. Despite every luxury, the actress had attempted suicide when Courtney was 23 years old.

After the actress got into drugs and alcohol, she was sent to a rehabilitation center several times. However, it didn’t work out as per the expectation. Also, the actress has faced several detentions from the police because of drug addiction. In addition, the actress had to go through several break-ups, pain, and stress because of her addictions.

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Natalie Wood Mother
Robert Wagner Father
Natasha Gregson Wagner Sister
Natasha Gregson Wagner Sister