Leading the Technology in the new Millenium, Craig Federighi and Steve Jobs are modern gurus of Machinaries. The 51-year-old has successfully put a small-sized supercomputer in our pocket. We have seen the genius humor us with his presentations and memes. Furthermore, his innovations have made our life easier and faster. Iphones, now act the symbolism of Sucess and Luxury. Let’s dive into the staggering Career of the Super Engineer.

Craig Federighi, Career with Apple and Marriage.

Federighi is currently married. However, the California native has not expressed about his family, due to the constant limelight upon him. The Apple employee exchange the wedding vows in 2014, with his better half. Later on, they had a beautiful child, who is also kept anonymous. As of 2021, the Feferighi is live a happy and luxurious life but want to keep their privacy.

Craig Federighi with Collegues.
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Talking about his career, he was hired by Steve Jobs for NeXt. Furthermore, he was one of the forces behind the Enterprise Objects Framework. Following the footsteps of Jobs, he Joined Apple in 1996. However, after 3 years with the tech company, he resigned to join the post of Chief Technology Officer at Ariba. After a decade, Craig was reacquired by Apple to spearhead the macOS project. Moreover, he was promoted to Senior Vice President.

Behind the scenes, he has managed to shape the modern culture, as he developed iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Furthermore, the famous engineer presented the latest iOS9 and OS X 10.11. In 2017, he became a part of a funny incident as Federighi failed to demonstrate the Face ID system on iPhone X. In addition, Apple at his expense made a video titled setting the mood, which unfortunately became a meme.

What is the Salary of the Tech Genius?

Being an employee of Apple guarantees a life of success and grandeur. Currently, Craig demands a monthly salary of 250 Thousand USD per month, In addition, his net worth is a massive 180 Million USD, as he holds over 500,000 shares in Apple Inc. Adding to his revenue, he earns more from media appearances and bonuses. From his huge wealth, he owns numerous sports cars, mansions, and has expensive vacations.

Craig Federighi Net Worth
Self Made Multi-Millionaire.
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Furthermore, he secures huge payments from his entertaining presentations and humorous unveiling of iPhones. Consequently, for his energetic presentations, he earned the nickname Hair Force One, as Apple’s Ceo calls his Superman. Parallel to Howard Stern, he is one of the highest earners in his field.

Craig Federighi Family and Height

Looking back at the earliest life of Craig, he was born in San Leandro, California, the U.S on the 27th of May, 1969. He was born in a supportive family as he was given the opportunity to pursue a life in IT. In addition, his folks were from Italian backgrounds. Later on, studied at Acalanes High School.

Craig Federighi posing.
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Furthermore, he attended the prestigious University of California, where he graduated in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The book worm earned a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science at the University of California.

Talking about the lanky dude, he was standing at a massive height of 6 Feet and 3 Inches and weighs around 70 Kilograms. Currently, the Apple engineer is 51 years of age. Furthermore, he belongs to White Caucasian Ethnicity and is of American nationality. With time, his hair has turned classic white as has to catch brown eyes. Currently, he dresses up as a hipster with blazers and T-shirts. Besides his Zodiac sign is Gemini. Also, find the biography of Jeff Nippard.