Recognized for being the sibling of NBA Star Devin Booker, Davon Wade is an American real estate agent. Currently, he enjoys his own life out of his brother’s shadow. Furthermore, Davon is enjoying a healthy relationship and a blissful career.

The articles uncover the personal details, net worth, and romantic entanglements you would enjoy.

Why Is Davon Wade Famous?

Born in the same household as a basketball star, Devin Booker, the half brothers shared a beautiful bond and grew up playing basketball together. Moreover, Davon’s mother, Veronica Gutierrez, and Devin’s father, Melvin Booker, met each other in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1995. After falling in love, they gave birth to Davon; however, they never got married. In addition, they decided to co-parent Devin Booker.

Wade with Lebron James
Davon Wade with Lebron James

Wade became a figure of notice after appearing with his famous brother. Furthermore, the half-brothers meet each other on special occasions and support each other. Despite his fame and fortune, Wade tries to build up his own career and provide for the wade household.

Who Is Davon Wade Dating?

Despite a hectic career, Davon manages some exclusive time for his lover. Currently, the agent is dating the lovely Elle Foster. Furthermore, the couple is dating for quite some time, and even appears on each other’s social networks. Lastly, the girlfriend and boyfriend posted a picture in the Bahamas, where they rented out a boat and enjoyed the lovely sunset.

Davon Wade with his Partner, Elle Foster
Davon Wade with his Partner, Elle Foster.
Image Credit: @davonwade

Elle just graduated from the prestigious Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Likewise her boyfriend, also boasts a popular Instagram handle, with 16.8 thousand followers and 297 content. Furthermore, the couple shares a blissful relationship without any controversies.

Net Worth Of Davon Wade

Despite being related to NBA star Devin Booker, Wade pursue his own career and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. Currently, his networth estimates at 1.5 Million USD as of 2020. Furthermore, his brother Devin booker recently got valued at an impressive USD 158 Million.

Davon Wade with his Car
Davon Wade with his Car.
Image Credit: @davonwade

From his earnings, Davon often enjoys NBA matches with VIP packages and treated himself to luxurious cars. Currently, he associates with DB Management company and is a Licensed Real Estate agent.

Furthermore, Davon donates a part of his earnings to charity. Consequently, he worked with Phoenix Suns Charities. Recently, he had an exotic vacation in the snowy mountains of Aspen Snowmass with his friends.

Who Is Davon Wade’s Brother? Davon Wade’s Bio & Age

Revising his early years, Devon was born in Grand Rapids, Mississippi, North America, on the 17th of February, 1993. Furthermore, he was born in a Christian family to Melvin Booker and Veronica Gutierrez. Wade grew up with his famous half-brother, Devin Booker, and half-sister, Mya Powell. Later on, he attended a local high school in Mississippi.

Davon Wade when he was Young
Davon Wade when he was Young.
Image Credit: @davonwade

Looking at his physical stature, the agent stands tall at 5 Feet and 7 Inches (1.75 Meters) and weighs around 60 kilograms. As of 2021, his age is 28 years. Furthermore, Wade holds an American Nationality and belongs to Mixed Ethnicity. Booker’s half-brother has maintained a lean physique, befitting a Social media personality. Nevertheless, his Zodiac sign is Aquarius, signifying his charismatic personality.

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