DJ Akademiks, whose real name is Livingston Allen, is a popular media personality, DJ, and social media influencer known for his commentary and coverage of hip-hop culture and current events. Born on May 17, 1991, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, DJ Akademiks gained prominence through his YouTube channel and online presence.

DJ Akademiks first gained attention with his YouTube series called “Latenightcreepvids,” where he provided commentary and analysis on various hip-hop topics and controversies. His humorous and often controversial style of reporting quickly attracted a large following, and he became known for his unique blend of entertainment and gossip.

How much Net Worth does DJ Akademiks have?

DJ Akademiks, with a reported net worth of around $10 million, has achieved significant financial success through his music career and online presence. As a popular YouTuber, he has amassed a substantial following of 2.78 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This impressive subscriber base allows him to earn approximately $200,000 annually from YouTube alone, thanks to ad revenue and sponsored content.

DJ Akademiks living his rich life. Source: Pinterest

Aside from his YouTube endeavors, DJ Akademiks is also a rapper and DJ, further contributing to his income. With a salary estimated at around $1 million for his music, he has solidified his position in the music industry. His talent and dedication to his craft have undoubtedly played a significant role in his success.

DJ Akademiks’ social media presence extends beyond YouTube, as evidenced by his 5.2 million followers on Instagram. With such a substantial following, he has established himself as an influential figure and attracts the attention of various sponsors. Through sponsored posts and brand partnerships, he can command fees ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per promotion on his Instagram account. This demonstrates his ability to monetize his online presence and leverage his influence for financial gain.

The combination of his YouTube earnings, music salary, and sponsored social media posts showcases DJ Akademiks’ multifaceted approach to generating income. His ability to thrive in both the online and music realms has allowed him to accumulate significant wealth and establish himself as a successful figure in the entertainment industry. Also, read about Vernell Varnado.

The Career of DJ Akademiks

Known for his candid and often controversial commentary, DJ Akademiks provides insights and updates on the latest happenings in the music industry, particularly within the hip-hop genre. His commentary videos, often filled with humor and wit, have become popular among fans and have earned him a loyal following.

In addition to his YouTube success, He has also ventured into the music industry. He has released several singles as a rapper and has showcased his DJ skills at various events. His involvement in the music scene has further enhanced his reputation and expanded his reach.

Throughout his career, He has been known for his unfiltered opinions and outspoken nature, which has garnered both praise and criticism. He has managed to establish himself as a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry, using his platform to share his thoughts and perspectives on the music world.

DJ Akademiks’ career is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to leverage social media platforms to build a brand and connect with a wide audience. His success as a YouTuber, rapper, DJ, and social media personality has solidified his position as an influential figure in the entertainment industry, and he continues to make an impact through his content and music.

DJ Akademiks twitch

DJ Akademiks is indeed a popular Twitch streamer who has been actively engaging with his audience on the platform for several years. He maintains a regular streaming schedule, and a comprehensive list of his streams can be found on, offering his fans easy access to his content.

DJ Akademiks in a Podcast. Source: The Mouthshop

With nearly 500,000 followers, He has amassed a significant following on Twitch. On his channel, he primarily focuses on news and commentary related to the hip-hop music genre. Fans tune in to hear his insights, opinions, and analysis on various topics within the music industry.

While DJ Akademiks has a dedicated following on Twitch, it is important to note that he has faced some challenges on the platform. He has been banned from Twitch three times, with the most recent ban occurring on April 3, 2023. The specific reason for his most recent ban is unclear, and information regarding the duration of the ban is not available. He has chosen not to publicly comment on his Twitch suspensions.

It’s worth mentioning that Streamer often connects his Twitch channel with his YouTube channel, allowing viewers to access his live videos and streams seamlessly across both platforms. This integration allows him to reach a wider audience and engage with fans on multiple fronts.

In order to show appreciation for his loyal viewers, DJ Akademiks has implemented a system to rank and reward them. By recognizing the most dedicated members of his community, he may grant them moderator status or offer special rewards via his channel. This practice fosters a sense of community and provides an incentive for viewers to actively participate and support his Twitch channel.

DJ Akademiks’s Brand

Akademiks is a renowned American brand that specializes in streetwear clothing, catering to enthusiasts of hip-hop music, art, and fashion. Founded in 1999 by brothers Donwan and Emmett Harrell, along with a group of partners, Akademiks has become a prominent name in the industry.

DJ Akademiks talking about his brand. Source: HipHopDx

The brand’s name, Akademiks, stems from the founder’s belief in the importance of education. It symbolizes the intersection of art, music, and fashion, representing a unique blend of creativity and style. Akademiks has garnered recognition and popularity, as it is favored by influential figures in the music and fashion world, including renowned artists like Jay-Z, and Kanye West, and tastemakers worldwide.

One of the key factors contributing to Akademiks’ success is its association with numerous celebrities who proudly wear the brand. The endorsement from these high-profile individuals has significantly increased the brand’s visibility and appeal within the clothing industry.

Akademiks offers a diverse range of streetwear clothing for men, encompassing a variety of styles and designs. Their collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, and denim, reflecting the urban aesthetic that has become synonymous with the brand. The combination of trendy designs, quality materials, and attention to detail has contributed to Akademiks’ reputation for producing stylish and fashionable clothing.

In addition to their core offerings, Akademiks has also ventured into collaborations with notable personalities. One such collaboration involved teaming up with Dutchess and Ceaser, stars of VH1’s Black Ink Crew, to create a line of streetwear and hats. These collaborations further solidify the brand’s presence in the market and appeal to a broader range of customers.