Dusti Rain Van Winkle is a Model. She is popular with her father, who is a famous rapper and songwriter, Vanilla Ice. Also, she is Model Spokesperson at Biltmore Technologies. A celebrity child just a twenty years old and already she gain wide fame.

Can we know enough about Dusti? So here, we provide you the details of her net worth, family, relationship and, more.

Is Dusti Rain Van Winkle Single? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

If we go deep into her personal life, she is in a relationship.

However, She never shared her relationship with the media, but we researched and found that her boyfriend J kyle Christoffers. Moreover, the duo never talks about when they met when they started dating each other, and people are curious about their relationship background.

Dusti Rain Van Winkle and her precious person
Dusti Rain Van Winkle and her precious person
Source: Instagram

She posted a picture saying,

2 years today and I still look at you like it was the first day, I’m so in love with you.”

This shows how strong their bond is. Also, she again shared a photo of her boyfriend on her Instagram story on occasion on National Boyfriend Day. Ever since, she has been pretty vocal about her relationship.

So, there is a lot of chance that we might see them as Husband-Wife in the future and also might see their wedding soon. Also, read about Paige Drummond’s net worth, family, relationship, and, more.

How Much Net Worth Does Dusti Rain Van Winkle Have?

A model’s net worth is still unknown, and she is never talked about in the media either. It seems like she doesn’t want anybody to talk about her net worth amount. Further, she is just 25 years old. This is why we can’t find her net worth because Dusti si is too young to earn money for herself. Maybe she will focus on her studies and future career for now.

Dusti Rain Van Winkle living her rich life
Dusti Rain Van Winkle living her rich life
Source: Instagram

If we talk about her father’s net worth is around $12 million. This is huge, and maybe Dusti uses her father’s money in daily life for now. She makes a decent sum of money. Further, in the upcoming, we can see her working on what she wants to be in the future.

More Information And Age About Vanilla Ice Daughter, Dusti Rain Van Winkle

Dusti was born in 1998. Her age is 25 years. Since September 2015, she has been working as a Model Spokesperson at Biltmore Technologies, Inc. Talking about her parents, Dusti’s father, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, professionally known as Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper, actor, and TV host as well. 

 Dusti Rain Van Winkle and her sweet family
Dusti Rain Van Winkle and her sweet family
Source: Brain study

Unfortunately, Dusti Rain Van Winkle’s father Vanilla, and mother Laura are no more together. She is going hard after getting a divorce from her parents, but as we know, both love their daughter too much, so maybe we might see them together in the future.

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Vanilla Ice Father
Laura Giaritta Mother
William Basil Van Winkle Grand Father
Camilla Beth Dickerson Mother
KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle Sister