Emma Mckeon is an Australian competitive swimmer. She is popular for her outstanding performances in Olympics games. Not to mention, Emma won 11 really incredible medals, including one gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics, established in Tokyo.

However, recent news came that “Olympic-sized lie we just can’t swallow” where Emma gives her small statement saying thank you to Tokyo for allowing thousands of athletes to achieve their dreams.

Is Emma Mckeon In A Relationship? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

If we go through the deep on her personal life, she is probably single for now. It is not known whether that she has a boyfriend or not. It seems like Emma more focus on her career and games either being in a serious relationship. A swimmer believes in representing her country to wold wide.

However, her fans are curious about knowing her serious relationship, but the private person hasn’t revealed anything even if she has a boyfriend.

Emma Mckeon and her friend Jake Packard
Emma Mckeon and her friend Jake Packard
Source: Instagram

Further, she posts a picture with Jake, and people thought maybe he is her boyfriend. But, we research more and found that they are just friends. Both are olympian of 2016. There is no official news that they are dating each other or not.

Moreover, Emma is single, and there is a lot of chance that maybe in the n future we might see her in a serious relationship and wife of someone she loved. Also, read about Penny Taylor’s net worth, family, relationship and, many more.

How Much Is Emma Mckeon’s Net Worth?

A gorgeous woman holds a net worth of around $2 million, similar to Ella Walter. She earns all the wages from her own career like playing Olympic games, featuring in media and, many more.

Emma earns around $46,900 from ISL swim meets in the year 2021. Or maybe government give her a prize as well. A swimmer received the prize money for the 4 Olympic medals she won in Rio Olympics.

Emma Mckeon enjoying her rich life
Emma Mckeon enjoying her rich life
Source: Instagram

The Australian Government gives $13,800 for Gold Medals, $10,350 for silver, and $6900 for bronze medals. She received a total of $41,400 thousand which is really huge. Further, Emma hasn’t stopped her steps towards the game.

Maybe in the future, she will earn more than recent wages. However, Emma’s salary is that she earns $23,000 per year, and people believe she will rise in the upcoming days.

More About The Australian Swimmer, Emma Mckeon

Emma Mckeon was Born on 24 May 1994 in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Since a child, she was always obsessed with swimming and started her swimming career when she was in school.

Emma completed her secondary education at the Illawarra Grammar School in 2012. She got a bachelor’s degree in public health and health promotion with a major in nutrition from Griffith University.

Emma Mckeon and her family in Christmas
Emma Mckeon and her family in Christmas
Source: Instagram

Her parents are really supportive, and that’s the biggest flex of her. However, her father, Ron Mcken, is also an Olympic swimmer, representing Australia at the 1980 and 1984 Summer Olympics. Emma’s mother, Sisoe Mckeon, was a Commonwealth Games swimmer.

It is really a benefit to her that her family members are swimmers as well. Even her brother David Mckeon had also represented Australia in the 2012 London Olympics.

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Ron McKeon Father
Susie McKeon Mother
David McKeon Brother