Charlie Battles is popular as a celebrity ex-husband, having been in a marital relationship with the American country music singer Reba McEntire. However, he also had a successful career as a steer wrestler in the 1970s and was even a world champion in the sport.

Charlie was raised in Atoka County, Oklahoma, and played college football before transitioning to steer wrestling. He later worked as a rancher in the oil industry. After his divorce from McEntire in 1987, Battles largely live away from the public eye and there is little information available about his personal life.

Nonetheless, his past achievements in steer wrestling and his association with a high-profile celebrity have kept him in the public consciousness. Continue reading to know more about the celebrity ex-husband Battles’ lifestyle, net worth, and relationships.

A Quick Look At Charlie Battles and Reba McEntire’s Married Life

Charlie and Reba first met through rodeoing when McEntire was still a teenager and Battles, who was ten years older, was already married with two children. She was immediately struck by Battles’ good looks and athleticism, and the two quickly hit it off. They started dating soon after and exchange their wedding vows in 1976.

Reba McEntire's husband Charles Battles was a former steer wrestler.
Reba McEntire’s husband Charlie Battles was a former steer wrestler. Source: Pinterest

According to McEntire’s autobiography, she initially did not consider Battles a potential romantic interest but loved his skill and esteem in the rodeo circuit. They tied the knot in 1976 after Battles had graduated and had already achieved success as a steer wrestler.

Charlie and Reba’s Marriage and Divorce

Charlie Battles and Reba McEntire were in a marital relationship for 11 years, from 1976 to 1987. During this time, they both pursued their respective careers in music and rodeo. McEntire released several albums and achieved commercial success, while Battles continued to compete in steer wrestling and worked as a rancher.

Despite their initial strong connection, Battles and McEntire’s marriage eventually started to deteriorate, and they ultimately divorced in 1987. In her autobiography, McEntire cited Battles’ infidelity as one of the main reasons for the divorce. After their separation, Battles largely live away from the public eye.

While Battles and McEntire’s marriage did not last, they both continued to make a significant impact in their respective fields. Battles’ accomplishments in steer wrestling cemented his legacy as a rodeoing legend, while McEntire’s career as a country music icon has made her a beloved and influential figure in the music industry.

Battle Remarried After His Divorce

Before marrying Reba, Battles was in a marital relationship with his first wife Sherrie. Charlie had two sons from his first marriage, Lance and Coty.

Ultimately, the relationship with Sherrie ended in divorce, and Charlie went on to marry Reba McEntire in 1976. While little is public about his first marriage, it is clear that Charlie had a deep love for his two sons and continued to maintain a relationship with them even after the divorce just like celebrity ex-husband Joe Gonzalez.

Later, Charlie Battles married Donna Granger in 1998 while living in Detroit, Texas. Not much information is available about their marriage or family life. Though the pair didn’t share any children with his second wife, Donna like a celebrity.

McEntire, on the other hand, continued to achieve great success in her music career, becoming one of the most successful country music singers of all time. She remarried in 1989 to Narvel Blackstock. The couple later divorced in 2015.

The former pair shares a son named Shelby Blackstock.

Charlie’s Net Worth and Financial Situation

As a steer wrestling champion and cow rancher, Battles earned a decent living. Additionally, his divorce from Reba McEntire likely had financial implications, as they were together for a few years before their separation.

It is worth noting that Charlie was not popular for being a high-profile celebrity. So it is unlikely that his net worth would have been in the same range as Reba McEntire’s, who is a highly successful and well-known country music star. Ultimately, the exact figure of Battles’ net worth remains unclear.

Charlie likely earned a salary during his time in the US Army as a specialist in armored intelligence. However, the exact amount of his military salary is not publicly available information. It is unclear how much of an impact this may have had on his overall net worth.

Battles’ Army Career as an Armored Intelligence Specialist

Charlie enlisted in the US Army in 1962, responding to the call of duty just like many other young men at the time. After completing basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, he spent most of his time in the service overseas, specifically in Germany. There, he served as a specialist in armored intelligence.

As a specialist in armored intelligence, Battles was responsible for gathering and analyzing information related to potential enemy threats. This would have required specialized training and expertise in areas such as vehicle identification, threat assessment, and battlefield intelligence.

Battles were honorably discharged from the Army in 1965 and returned to his hometown in Oklahoma. It was after this time that he began to pursue his career as a steer wrestling champion and later worked as a cow rancher.

Although Charlie did not serve in Vietnam, his service as a specialist in armored intelligence would have been an important contribution to the Army’s efforts during the Cold War era.

Nationality & Military Career Of Charlie

Charlie Battles was an American of Caucasian ethnicity. He was born and raised in Oklahoma and spent most of his life in the United States. As a rodeo champion, he traveled extensively throughout the country to compete in various competitions.

harles Battle in his 40s.
Charlie Battles in his 40s. Source: Pinterest

After serving in the army, Charlie returned to his hometown in Oklahoma and continued to pursue his passion for steer wrestling. Despite being famous mainly for his career as a rodeo champion and as the ex-husband of country music star Reba McEntire, Battles was a proud American who served his country in the military.

Early Life

The celebrity ex-husband Charlie was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 9, 1945. He was born to parents Earl Battles and Ocey Battles Pack. Growing up, Charlie’s life was centered around rodeoing, which was a popular pastime in Oklahoma. He was passionate about it from a young age and spent much of his youth practicing and competing in local events.

Despite his love for rodeoing, Charlie also recognized the importance of education. Therefore, he attended elementary and high school in Talala and Oolagah. After graduating, he enlisted in the US Army like Fausto Xavier Aguilera in 1962 and spent most of his time abroad. Charlie was deployed to Germany, where he became a specialist in armored intelligence.

After completing his army service in 1965, Charlie returned home to Oklahoma and pursued his passion for rodeoing. It was during this time that he began competing in rodeo events all around the country. Eventually earned the title of steer wrestling champion for three consecutive years. His early life was full of his love for rodeoing, dedication to education, and service in the US Army.

Charlie Battles Health Issues and Passing

The former steer wrestler, Battles suffered a severe stroke in 2006, which left him completely disabled. He and his third wife, Donna, moved to Sulphur, Louisiana, where she provided care for him until his death.

Charles Battles died from heart failure.
Charlie Battles died from heart failure. Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, the stroke left Charlie paralyzed and unable to communicate. He remained in this state until his passing in 2013, as a result of complications from a stroke and heart failure same as Kevin Samuels. He was laid to rest in Sulphur, Louisiana.

Charlie’s obituary can be found on the Dignity Memorial website. Despite his physical condition in his later years, Charlie is remembered for his impressive career as a rodeo cowboy and steer wrestler.

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