Frances Yarborough, known as the devoted wife of the late comedic star Don Knotts known for “The Andy Griffith Show,” holds a special place in our hearts. Despite their age difference, Yarborough and Knotts shared a bond that lasted nearly two decades.

Their journey together was filled with both happiness and challenges, showing us the strength of love. While Yarborough’s life remained mostly private, her role in Knotts’ life was clear: she was his rock. As we remember the wonderful moments they shared, Yarborough’s love for Knotts continues to inspire us.

Yarborough remains an important part of his legacy, reminding us of the power of companionship and support.

Frances Yarborough Wiki/Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Frances “Francey” Yarborough is the daughter of Donald Howard Yarborough and Charity O’Connell Yarborough. She was born in the late 1960s, placing her in her late 70s today.

Her father, Donald Howard Yarborough, was a notable figure in Texas politics, serving as a liberal Democrat who ran for governor in 1962 and was a supporter of President John F. Kennedy. He also had a distinguished military career, serving in the Marine Corps as a company commander in China at the end of World War II.

Donald Yarborough passed away in September 2009 after battling Parkinson’s disease. Besides his political career, he was a lawyer known for his advocacy for the rights of Mexican immigrants and African Americans, operating his own law firm.

Donald Yarborough’s roots trace back to New Orleans, where he was born on December 15, 1925. Additionally, Frances’s paternal grandfather held a prominent position as president of a bank that faced challenges during the Great Depression.

The Yarborough family relocated to Houston when Donald was 12 years old.

Does She Have Any Siblings?

Frances Yarborough has a sister named Sophie, who is married to Daniel de Visé, a renowned writer and journalist known for his work with The Washington Post, the Miami Herald, and several other newspapers over his impressive 23-year career.

Notably, de Visé is also the author of a biography about Yarborough’s late husband.

In addition to her sister Sophie, Yarborough has siblings from her father’s other relationships. These siblings include Inez Vanderburg of Austin, Texas; Leverett Yarborough of Bend, Oregon; Danny Yarborough of Los Angeles; and Donald Arthur Yarborough and Mollie O’Connell Yarborough.

How Did Don Knotts First Meet His Wife Frances Yarborough?

Frances and Don first crossed paths during Knotts’ syndication comedy show, “What a Country!” in the late 1980s. Yarborough served as a production assistant on the show, starting her role in early 1987. It was during this time that the couple first met.

In his book “Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show,” Knotts fondly described Yarborough as a “beautiful, kind-hearted actress” who had come to Hollywood to pursue improvisational comedy.

Yarborough’s primary responsibility on the show was to assist Knotts in learning his lines. It was the beginning of their professional collaboration and personal relationship.

Marriage Details

Frances Yarborough and Don Knotts were an unlikely pair due to their age difference of over 30 years. When they first met, she was in her twenties, and he was in his sixties.

Despite the age gap, they connected instantly, bonding over shared experiences and a love of storytelling. Yarborough was drawn to Knotts’ vulnerability, something she had never encountered before.

Frances Yarborough is the third wife of late star Do Knotts.
Frances Yarborough is the third wife of late star Do Knotts. Source: Pinterest

Their relationship blossomed over time as they spent countless hours together, laughing and exchanging stories at places like La Scala in Beverly Hills.

After a few months, they officially became a couple. Yarborough moved in with Knotts in his Century City condo. In 2002, they took the next step and got married.

Their love story endured until Knotts’ passing in 2006, a strength of their bond and the power of love to overcome obstacles.

Knott’s Past Marriages and Wife

How many times did Don Knotts get married? Before Frances Yarborough, Don Knotts had been married twice. His first wife was Kathryn Metz, whom he married in 1947. They had two children together, a son named Thomas Knotts and a daughter named Karen Knotts. However, Knotts and Metz divorced in 1964.

Knotts then married his second wife, Loralee Czuchna, in 1974. Their marriage lasted until 1983.

After his marriage to Czuchna ended, Knotts eventually found love again with Frances Yarborough, whom he married after his second divorce.

Who was Don Knotts’ Wife When He Died?

In the final days of Don Knotts, he and Frances Yarborough resided in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles. During this time, Knotts battled cancer along with severe hypochondria and macular degeneration, a degenerative eye disease.

Despite his health struggles, Knotts urged Yarborough to keep his illness private, even from close friends and family. He still harbored hopes of continuing to work, knowing that a sick actor might struggle to find roles.

As a result, Yarborough and Knotts decided not to disclose his condition to his children or even his best friend, Andy Griffith. This decision reflected Knotts’ desire to maintain a sense of normalcy and privacy during his final days.

Cause of Death

Don Knotts, the beloved comedic actor, passed away on February 24, 2006, at 11:00 p.m. in the presence of his wife, Frances Yarborough, and children, Karen and Tom. Knotts had specified in his will that he did not wish to be kept alive through artificial means, leading doctors to disconnect the machines.

Don Knotts died at the age of 81 years old.
Don Knotts died at the age of 81 years old. Source: Pinterest

The primary cause of Knotts’ death was complications from pneumonia related to lung cancer. He was laid to rest at Westwood Memorial Park.

Knotts’ final on-screen appearance was in the 2005 movie “Chicken Little,” where he voiced the character Mayor Turkey Lurkey.

Net Worth

Since the details of Frances’ professional career are not known, it is difficult to estimate her net worth. However, she might have been enjoying a notable amount of wealth from her late husband’s net worth.

The specifics regarding the distribution of Don Knotts’ wealth after his passing have not been publicly disclosed. With a net worth of over $20 million at the time of his death, it’s likely that Frances Yarborough, as his surviving spouse, inherited a significant portion of his fortune.

Where Is Frances Yarborough Now? Is She Still Alive?

Following the death of her husband, Don Knotts, Frances Yarborough’s public presence has significantly diminished. Unlike Knotts, Yarborough was never professionally involved in acting, leaving little information available about her activities after his passing.

Moreover, Yarborough is also not available on any other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Likewise, it is also not known if she is still alive or not.

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