One of the popping Influencers right now, Mac Arthur Johnson, better known as Funny mike/ 22 Savage, is an American YouTuber and Content Creator. Furthermore, behind his big smile and humor lies his father’s demise would leave a deep. Currently, the 24-year is a father of 2 beautiful kids and trying to make engaging content for his fans.

The article uncover’s Mike early years, career, and net worth, which you would enjoy reading about. Well. Let’s discover the bizarre life of the funky influencer from Louisiana.

Where Does Funny Mike Live? Who Is He Dating?

The Instagram star has amassed a large fan base and admirers. Furthermore, he still managed to date the beautiful Jaliyah Monet with a hectic career and regular posting. Jaliya, her boyfriend, is also a social star who has garnered over 3.2 million on her YouTube handle.

Mike with his Daughter
Funny Mike with His Daughter.
Image Credit: @funnymike

The couple starts dating each other in 2017 and later got engaged to each other; however, they have not given any sign of marriage. The couple welcomed more happiness in their life as they became proud parents of their daughter, Londyn Johnson. Later on, Monet became a mother for the second time as the pair got blessed with a son, Mac Aurther Johnson Jr.

Jr and Londyn often appeared on their parent’s social networks and were adored by their fan base. Recently, Mike and Londyn got matching pajamas. Currently, the Johnson household enjoys life as a family in Sunny Los Angeles, California, without any controversies.

Early YouTube Career

After passing from high school, he began posting short comedy sketches on the popular app Vine. Furthermore, he used Funnyassmike as his online alias. Mac loved the idea of content creation and decided to pursue a career at YouTube. Consequently, he created a YouTube channel titled, The FunnyMike on the 1st of May, 2016. However, he did not upload until 2017, with a video titled, I’m Smashing Your Girl Prank on Runik.

Young Funny Mike.
Young Funny Mike.
Image Credit: @funnymike

Currently, he has garnered a massive 6.64 million subscribers and uploaded above 497 content from a small start. Furthermore, his videos have crossed over 1.3 billion views. In addition, his Instagram also became a vibrant online hub with over 7.3 million followers and 842 posts. Also, his Twitter handle currently promotes the new cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

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For his comedic talent, he got featured in MTV‘s Wild N Out and also appeared in I Got Hook Up 2. He showcased his acting prowess early on as she made a short movie titled 22 Savage: Ain’t No 21. Furthermore, his recent project was 2019’s teen comedy, Twisted Ambition. He is also involved in music as he collaborated with Fresh Ft Jay, Tray, DeDe3x, Woo, Kam, and Mirah.

YouTube Collab With Jake Paul

One of the biggest events in YouTube history has been the online boxing match. However, Mac has been a small part of the event. Before Jake paul fought the former basketball player, Nate Robinson, he has a sparring practice with English YouTube, Joe Weller. Furthermore, people noticed funny mike taunting Weller as he got dropped by paul. The video went on to earn over 8.3 million views, which featured numerous influencers.

Funny Mike with Jake Paul
Funny Mike with Jake Paul.
Image Credit: @funnymike

In addition, the 24-year-old also prerecorded a diss track against Joe feat. Jake Paul, titled, He is gonna whoop yo ass. Considered many by cringy content, paul parted ways with Funnymike and only collaborated for a single video. Currently, Mac is focused on creating funny blogs and releasing songs with friends and small-time rappers. In addition, his girlfriend and kids make random appearances on his sketches.

How Much Net Worth Does Funny Mike Have?

At the tender age of 21, mike has already achieved his dreams and enjoying a lavish life. As of 2021, the YouTube star has earned a networth of 3 Million USD, close to Tinglan Hong. Furthermore, thanks to his popular social networks, he managed to sell merch under the name of Stoopid Fly Clothing. In addition, his apparel line boasts custom-made caps, hoodies, T-shirts, and shoes, where the price ranges from 20 USD-200 USD.

Funny Mike Flexing
Funny Mike Flexing.
Image Credit: @funnymike

Furthermore, his SocialBlade suggest that his YouTube channel generates 6.8 thousand USD-10.9 thousand USD per month and 82.1 thousand USD-1.3 million USD per annum. In addition, he has treated himself with a red Lamborghini, a black SUV, and a blue Lamborghini truck from his earnings. Recently, the influencer post with his sports car holding 100 thousand USD cash in his hand.

How Did FunnyMike’s Father Die?

The online community received terrible news on the 23rd of October, 2019, after Mike posted about his father’s demise. Furthermore, his father mysteriously passed away, created some conspiracy about his death. Mike’s fans speculated his dad took his own life, some. However, the content creator remains silent about this subject and wants his privacy to be respected.

Funny Mike and his father
Funny Mike and his father.
Image Credit: @funnymike

Moreover, the tragic incident occurred on N.39th Street in Baton Rouge, where the report suggested a self-inflicted gunshot wound. However, law enforcers and authorities have yet to confirm the victim’s details, and many theories conspire about him taking his own life. Later on, Arthur shares a heartfelt post as he attended his pop’s funeral.

What Is The Age Of Funny Mike? His Bio

Focusing on his appearance, the YouTuber currently stands at 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs around 58 kilograms. Currently, Funny Mike’s age is 24 years. Furthermore, Johnson holds an American Nationality and belongs to African American Nationality. Furthermore, he carried a skinny physique, which helps in his comedic bits. Nevertheless, his Zodiac sign is Libra, signifying his humorous nature.

Funny Mike Posing with Hulk
Funny Mike Posing with Hulk.
Image Credit: @funnymike

The front runner of Funny Mike brand, 22 Savage, aka FunnyMike, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, North America, on the 9th of October, 1996. He was born in a Christian family to unknown parents. Furthermore, his dad’s tragic death is explored in the earlier segment. From an early age, he was a mischievous child and fascinated with imitation. Later on, he attended Tara high school with his half-brother, Wings. Currently, they are recognized as Wings & Mike.

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