Gerald McEwen is a celebrity husband. His wife, Hilary Mantel, was one of the greatest British writers famous for her historical fiction, personal memoirs, and short stories. Some of her masterpieces are The Mirror and the Light, Bring Up the Bodies, and Beyond Black.

To learn more about the husband of Hilary Mantel, scroll down further and read the article briefly to gather all the details. The information regarding his relationship status, net worth, personal details, and other stuff is available in the article.

When did Gerald McEwen and Hilary Mantel meet each other? How was the married life of love birds?

The love birds had a pretty romantic relationship with each other. They were an example of a long-standing relationship and married life to all those lovers. The celebrity pair separates shortly after their marriage and part ways, but it was the opposite in the case of this lovely duo.

The details about their first meeting are still under wrap. However, some sources say the love duo first met when they were students. From that moment, they shared a bond that was greater than the friendship bond.

Gerald McEwen with his late wife Hilary Mantel
Gerald McEwen with his late wife, Hilary Mantel
Source: Broadway Shows

Although the details about their dating history are still unavailable, they may have dated each other for a long time. The lovely pair wanted to step further in their relationship by marriage each other to share a beautiful married life.

Without making a delay in their decision, the loving pair made their move by marrying each other in 1972. However, they showed no interest in sharing about their marriage ceremony and guest appearance during their wedding on media. They want to keep their precious moment to themselves.

The loving pair may have some conflicts or misunderstandings between each other and decide parting ways. The lovely duo parted in 1982 but couldn’t live without each other, remarrying a year after their separation and sharing a lasting bond.

Unfortunately, the loving duo had to say goodbye to each other when his wife left the world on September 22, 2022. It was hard for McEwen because they shared their lovely bond for more than ten years, loving each other.

What is the Net Worth of Gerald McEwen?

Gerald McEwen is making money working in the position of Geologist. The celebrity husband has kept the details of his net worth under wrap. After the demise of her loving wife, he may have inherited her net worth adding to his net worth of almost $2 to $3 million.

It is unavailable if we search for income from the geologist’s works. We can estimate around $50,000, similar to other geologists based on their experience. He may have added a large amount of money from it.

His wife, Hilary Mantel, was a British writer making a fortune from her writing career and adding a large amount of money. She worked in this writing career for more than five years delivering many novels and memoirs.

Gerald McEwen enjoyed rich life with his wife Hilary Mantel
Gerald McEwen enjoyed rich life with his wife, Hilary Mantel
Source: Flickr

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Gerald’s wife won the Booker Prize for her long novel Wolf Hall. She collected the prize money of $50,000 from winning the award. Bring up the Bodies was the sequel of Wolf Hall, receiving the Booker Prize again and collecting prize money.

Furthermore, she may have made tons of money selling copies of her novels and memoirs. The writings of British writer Hilary include The Mirror and the Light, Learning to Talk, A change of Climate, Every Day is Mother’s Day, and many more.

She is the writer of the television mini-series Wolf Hall. The wife of Gerald appeared in the television documentary Hilary Mantel-Return of Wolf Hall, released in 2020. She may have made a decent amount of money for appearing in it.

Is Gerald McEwen active on Social Media?

Gerald McEwen is not a social media person. It seems like he loves to spend his personal life privately. However, surprisingly, he doesn’t show interest in social media platforms despite his popularity due to her celebrity wife.

The fans are hoping to see him on social media platforms to know about the updates of his daily life and much other stuff. We hope he will create a social media handle to give updates about what’s going on with his life after the passing away of her wife.

What are the achievements of his wife during her writing career?

Hilary Mantel is one of the accomplished British writers who will be remembered by all the upcoming authors in this writing industry. She is the writer of Every Day is Mother’s Day, her first novel, released in 1985.

The late wife of Gerald won the Booker Prize for her long novel Wolf Hall, about Henry VII’s minister Thomas Cromwell released in 2009. Further, she again won the same prize for the Wolf Hall sequel Bring Up the Bodies. Hilary set the record of winning the Booker Prize more than once.

She has bagged nominations for different awards, which include The Golden Man Booker and the Tony Award for Best Play. Hilary was one of the greatest writers for receiving many awards and nominations for her long novel and other stuff.

The Early Life and Education of Gerald McEwen

Looking through the details of Gerald McEwen’s early life experience, he was a talented kid. However, the correct date of his birth is not available. He doesn’t want to share anything about his early life and family details on the media platforms.

The Geologist is a private when it comes down to his personal life. He hasn’t shown interest in sharing his educational background with the media platforms. The husband of the late Hilary is keeping his education details under wrap.

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