Gisela Meyer, a professional pianist, and accompanist have always approached music from a broad perspective. Gisela studied Piano and cello in Germany before earning an MMus in Accompaniment from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (GSMD) in London.

She enjoys playing at concerts and other occasions, and she also hosts her concert series at St. James’ Church in Islington. During her undergraduate studies, the cello was her second subject.

Works By Gisela Meyer

Gisela Meyer is a Chamber Ensembles’ City Lit Tutor.

She takes private classes for Piano and Singing as well. Meyer regularly plays in concerts as a soloist and ensembles. Also, as a freelance pianist, accompanist, and singer. Coaching vocalists and instrumentalists and playing examinations and recitals are all part of her freelance accompaniment job.

Gisela Mayor
Gisela Mayor
Image Source: Facebook

Gisela works as an accompanist for City University students on a freelance basis. She has taught Piano, cello, aural, and theory for the past 20 years.

More lately, she taught singing, as well as composition. Meyer collaborated with filmmaker Erdogan Gilgil to write film music for Moving Culture Film Productions. Moreover, she also composed four short films and two feature films for him.

The exceptional artist played as the pianist in Baluji Shrivastav’s production “Sohini and Mahival” at the Southbank Centre in May 2015. She has performed vocal recitals alongside Izabella Bako and Sian Maddock. In addition, she primarily works with the pianist John Human.

Net Worth Of Gisela Meyer

The net worth of Gisela Meyer is not published in any public database. However, as a vocalist/singer, the average annual salary in London, England is £34,817. Additionally, the average salary for a piano teacher is around £56,964 annually. The amount of money earned by a concert pianist varies.

On average, a concert pianist $50,000 per year. Much of it hinges on the ability to book concerts, have artist representation, and the types of events put on. Some of the world’s best concert pianists earn anything from $25,000 to $75,000 each performance. Most concert pianists want to perform solo recitals full-time.

On any given night, a typical solo recital for a concert pianist may bring in anywhere from $5000 to $50000. The price can be ten times as much for top-level concert pianists.

Several factors such as the pianist’s popularity, ticket sales, venue size, and total budget determine the amount. Other sources of their revenue include various endorsements, masterclasses, and record sales.

Plans And Interest Of Gisela Meyer

Gisela Mayer usually plans one piano solo concert each year. But she performs in chamber ensembles, including piano trios with violinist Natalee Jeremic and cellist Una Birtchnell. Furthermore, Meyer also performs in different ensemble formations with Alistair Logan (clarinet), Jayne Lodge (violin), and Sarah Pope (viola). 

Gisela has been training with former Guildhall professor Jessica Cash for the past six years. She has pushed her singing to a professional level. As a vocalist, she like giving vocal recitals. Meyer has also performed in groups with instrumentalists, such as Elisabeth Hobbs (flute) and John Alley, the London Symphony Orchestra pianist.

Take A Breather Initiative By Gisela Mayor

During the first lockdown, Gisela Meyer started the Clerkenwell Singalong in collaboration with Peel. The initiation was a 30-minute free weekly breathing workshop. She also participated in it as a singing pianist. Inspired by an ENO/NHS project ‘TAKE A BREATHER’ initiative assist COVID sufferers.

Gisela Meyer Take a Breather Initiation during COVID-19 first lockdown.
Gisela Meyer Take a Breather Initiation
Image Source: Facebook

Take the local press also covered a Breather campaign. Gisela wants to continue the campaign in person even when the lockdown is lifted. Regardless of the geography and location, the initiative has proven an excellent method to bring all people together.

Where Was Gisela Meyer Born? Is She Married?

Gisela Meyer was born in the German city of Frankfurt am Main. Her native language is German. She does, however, speak French in addition to English (A-level 2015). Besides, she speaks intermediate Italian, has a limited understanding of Spanish, and knows very little Russian

When it comes to her personal life, the great artist is quite discreet. Her social media does not reflect any aspect of her dating life. It also doesn’t depict any of her marital life. There is no information regarding her boyfriend, husband, and children as well.

Gisela posted some pictures of children on her Facebook account, but it can’t be sure that those pictures were of her children.

Social Media Of Gisela Meyer

Gisela has her social media account. But she is not active on any of her social platforms. Her Facebook accounts have not been updated since the year 2017.

But she occasionally posts tweets on her personal Twitter accounts. She also has her own YouTube channel in the name of Gisela Meyer Piano, where she posts a variety of videos teaching how to plPianoano, or some singing videos.

She also has her websites where she updates her various online and offline events. Gisela’s information on both past and present events remains testimonials and can be gained from her websites.

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