Izaak Theo Adu is a Model artist and even singer too. He is famous for his music and also being transgender. Izaak was a girl before when he was born like Mickailia Ila Adu.

Mickailia changed his name to Izaak when she trans into a boy. However, Izaak’s Mother never stops supporting him in every situation where Izaak thanks her for staying by his side in the award show.

Is Izaak Theo Adu in Relationship? Who is his Wife?

If we go deep into his relationship, He is probably a married man. People are really curious about Izaak’s love life. Because he never spoke before about his girlfriend.

When they came to media saying the duo were in a relationship, people criticized them, saying Izaak was a girl and something similar, but Izaak never listened to them and moved forward.

 Izaak Theo Adu and his wife
Izaak Theo Adu and his wife
Source: Instagram

Further, when he takes a step, people start to support him, and even his fans are proud of him. Also, if we went to their relationship background, Izaak was the one who proposed first.

He revealed that the couple started dating each other on November 13, 2019. Izaak met Emily in California, and after dating each other for a few months, they started living together. After living together for some year, the couple decides to get engaged.

Izaak posted a picture saying they were finally getting engaged where they only got a positive response from people. Izaak and Emily seem happy after their fans’ positive comments. And the duo finally gets engaged in May 2020. However, The actor hadn’t invited many people because of Covid 19.

After a few months, the couple shared another good news about their marriage in Kona on April 16, 2021. On their social media, they posted a picture saying they are finally husband and wife.

Is it Real that Izaak Theo Adu is Transgender?

Talking about transgender is also part of the LGBTQ. Before the organization, people judged whoever was going through this. But people started understanding and support to transgender.

We are proud that Izaak opened himself to the world and showed them what he deserves. His wife and mother was the one who supported him in every situation.

 Izaak Theo Adu before and after
Izaak Theo Adu before and after
Source: OnyxNews

Izaak identified herself as a lesbian in 2015 where her fans thought it was just a joke, but after a few weeks, she decided to transition process of her body parts.

And after successful surgery, there was born a new man Izaak Theo Adu. His mother was the one who supported him with all the process. Everyone started congratulating him on his trans process in 2019. Izaak started posting a picture of his without hesitation and regrets. He is a gem for what he did.

How Much does Net Worth Izaak Theo Adu have?

A handsome hunk did really hard work for his career. Izaak handles so many professions like a hero. An actor holds a net worth of around $3 million, similar to Darius McCrary. However, his exact net worth hasn’t been revealed yet, and it is just a prediction of our team seeing his daily life.

There might be much a chance that Izaak might have more than we expected seeing his multiple professions.

 Izaak Theo Adu enjoying his rich life
Izaak Theo Adu enjoying his rich life
Source: Instagram

Also, rumors are spreading about Izaak enjoying his Mother’s money for his life. But it was just a rumor cause we know he is hardworking and a married man, so there is no chance he is enjoying his Mother’s wages.

Even a singer never stopped for his future and career. Where his salary is hidden too. But if we go through, the average income of British actors is around $58,000 for the high class. No doubt an actor earns similar to average.

More About British Singer

Izaak Theo Adu was born on July 21, 1996, in England. He was born as a girl but slowly grew up, becoming a man. Moreover, Izaak hasn’t shared much about his childhood background.

Her mother single-handedly raised him. She tried to protect her from public eyes that why they never revealed about childhood background. His mother, Sade Adu, is a famous singer from British.

Sade Adu Mother
Bob Morgan Father