Jim VandeHei is Axios’s co-founder and CEO, born on February 12, 1971. VandeHei is also an American journalist and businessman.

VedaHei is the co-founder and executive editor of the Media Company Politico. He was also a Reporter for the Washington Post.

Net Worth Of Jim VandeHei

Though Vandehai is known for his numerous works and contributions, he roughly has a $1 million networth, similar to late comedian Teddy Ray.

Jim In A Professional Photoshoot.
Jim In A Professional Photoshoot.
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According to the official Website of Market Realist, ‘ Axios CEO Jim VandeHei’s Net Worth Will Get a Boost From Cox Deal. ‘ so his networth may change within a few years.

Jim VandeHei Selling His Website To Cox

The founder and CEO of Axios website VandeHei sold his Website to a Media company called Cox Enterprises. VandeHei sold the Website in a deal of $525 million to the Media company Cox. VandeHei is doing good financially because of his signed agreement with Alexander C. Taylor.

Though VandeHei sold his Website to Cox, they agreed to work together as the work of the Website would be the same even after the deal. Though he sold the Website, it is like they are working in partnership. But, VandeHei cannot call himself the actual owner of Axios anymore.

Everything About Jim VandeHei’s Website Axios

Jim VandeHei developed the Website called Axios in 2016. He is known as the CEO and founder of the Website. The site’s name was derived from the Greek name ἄξιος which meant ‘ Worthy. ‘

As the founders of the company were the former journalists  Jim VandeHei, Roy Schwartz, and Mike Allen, the Website was progressing well from the beginning. VandeHei said in an interview that he wants Axios to be a ‘ mix between The Economist and Twitter. ‘

Website Logo Of Axios
Website Logo Of Axios
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In the beginning, he hired 60 employees to work on the Website. His Website’s main task was to provide local news to the people. Axios only offered the latest news and updates happening inside America.

Axios’ Website mainly focused on essential facts or hot news, which were shorter than 300 words long. The Website produces daily and weekly reports connecting to the main gossip or news inside the country.

Employees of the website company worked hard and made the Website worth more than $500 million. After the successful launch of the Website Axios in 2017, the CEO of Axios VandeHei sold the Website to Cox enterprises on August 8, 2022.

He sold the Website in a deal of $525 million after six years of successful work. The media company cox enterprises are worth more than $21 billion.

Who Is The Wife Of Jim VandeHei?

Jim VandeHei’s wife’s name is Autumn Hanna VandeHei; She is a retired worker of House Republican Leader Thomas Dale DeLay.

Jim And His Wife Autumn
Jim And His Wife, Autumn
Source: Business Insider

VandeHei’s wife is also the Executive producer of the documentary movie‘ I am Jane Doe. ‘ which starred the real Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, and the former United States, Senator John McCain. VendeHei’s wife, Autumn, is also engaged in social work and actively participates in social work.

Axios Co-Founder Jim VandeHei’s Career Background

VandeHei is also a well-known producer as he produced the documentary series of his own Website Axios which was released on HBO. He was the producer of 11 episodes of the TV documentary Axios, which was released in 2018-2020.

In the beginning, the Axios CEO was a Sports reporter for Oshkosh Northwestern. Then, he was hired by the ‘ Inside the New Congress ‘ media company. The company focused on a weekly newsletter that concentrated mainly on House and Senate.

Jim VandeHai Working As A Reporter
Jim Vandehei Working As A Reporter
Source: Media Matters for America

With years of experience, he got jobs as a reporter on many well-known TV reporting channels like Roll Call, which covered Capitol Hill. When VandeHei was working as a reporter in Roll Call, he uncovered the truth of House Speaker-elect Robert Linlithgow Livingston Jr’s affair in 1998.

He also worked as a national political reporter for The Wall Street Journal in 2000, and from there, he joined The Washington Post the following year.

VandeHei has worked as a TV reporter and news writer for many journalism companies. He relinquished his job as a reporter in 2016, and the last media company he worked for was Politico.

Jim On The Morning Joe As Employee
Jim On The Morning Joe As Employee

Then, VendeHai decided to start his Website in 2016 that delivers news to the people, and he started his own company called Axios, which meant worthy in greek. Then with his ideas after years of working experience, VendeHai published his own news media website in 2017.

Books Of Jim VandeHei

In 2022, Jim VandeHai published two books. His two books were Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less and Smart Brevity: Write Less. Say More. Get Heard. He was not the only author of those two books. Along with Jim VandeHei, the other writers were Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz.

The book’s authors have said that the book is to improve oneself. The book focuses on self-improvement in life.

Jim VandeHai's Book Smart Brevity
Jim VandeHai’s Book Smart Brevity.
Source: Bookshop

The book is expected to release on September 20, 2022.

Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less is rated 3.5/5 on Goodreads, and the book gets positive responses from the readers.

Jim VandeHei On Ted Talk

TED is a live Conference where well-known personalities come and give an excellent motivational speech or share their brilliant ideas about technology or development.

VandeHei has also appeared on TED and talked about How to Write Less but Say More. TED officially released the conference video on their youtube channel on August 22, 2022.

He says that nobody listens or reads to the things they have written. He added in the same conference that once people were talking about great news in the Washington Post, but as a journalist, when we looked up the data, he found that nobody had clicked that second page because the article was 1600 words long.

Jim VandeHei In TED Confrence.
Jim VandeHei In TED Confrence.
Source: TED

VandeHai spoke nicely there as he has years of experience in mass communication. The video was well-liked by the people present there, and the video also got positive responses on YouTube. The conference was about 16 minutes long, and he shared great ideas.

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