Joseph Mawle is an English actor named Joseph Daniel Turner Mawle. He was born on 21 March 1974 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Joseph is a good actor who has emerged in more than 57 movies and series. He is also in the most loved series Game of Thrones as Benjen Stark. He is appearing in T.V. series mostly than in films as he chooses to act more in T.V. series.

Handsome Joseph Mawle In A Photoshoot
Handsome Joseph Mawle In A Photoshoot.

In an interview, Joseph said ‘ I grew up on a farm, so there were rifles around. Every March around springtime, there’s a big hunt that goes on, and you go out and hunt down all the pheasants. I actually never shot the pheasants; I’m not a big fan of killing animals myself.’

This shows Joseph is kind to living creatures and has a clean heart.

How Was The Early Life Of Game Of Thrones Actor Joseph Mawle?

Joseph’s father was a farmer outside Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire. Joseph said in an interview that his family was involved in farming for 9 generations. The talented actor’s mom was a secretary.

Young Muscular Joseph Mawle 
In His Teenage Days
Young Muscular Joseph Mawle
In His Teenage Days
Source: Twitter

The actor in his early life was dealing with dyslexia which made him difficult to adjust with other classmates. When Joseph was only 16 years old, he decided to be an actor but didn’t go to any acting school.

The young joseph had to deal with a lot of problems in his childhood. Joseph and the well-known actress Morfydd Mawle had similar childhood stories. The actress Morfydd was also dealing with dyslexia in her school days.

Old Picture Of Joseph Mawle's Parents
Old Picture Of Joseph Mawle’s Parents
Source: Twitter

Young Joseph started acting in Box Clever Theatre Company as a part of his learning and experience. As he was struggling to enter the Hollywood film industry, he didn’t have any promising job so he was washing dishes for some money.

Later with his hard work and dedication he successfully got a scholarship at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

How Much Net Worth Does Joseph Mawle Have?

Although Joseph is a hardworking actor who has appeared in many movies and T.V. series, he has an estimated net worth of around $2 Million. Now the actor doesn’t need to struggle as he used to in his early days.

Joseph proved that he is a good actor who can entertain and provide joy to the audience through his acting. Joseph’s networth includes his lifestyle, clothes, gifts, cars, Side Business, and other Luxuries. The actress got much of his wealth through his acting career.

Joseph Mawle’s Movies And Tv Shows

Joseph first appeared in a Mini T.V. series called ‘ Merlin ‘. His first role as an actor was to play the part of an average Village person.

He was only a supporting actor in the T.V. series. Then, he didn’t get any role to play for almost 4 years, and finally, he got a chance to play in another T.V. series called ‘Sir Gadabout, the Worst Knight in the Land’ as Sir Tificate and Sir Gestion.

Joseph Mawle In Game Of Thrones As Benjen Stark
Joseph Mawle In Game Of Thrones As Benjen Stark
Source: IndiaTV News

Joseph Mawle Was a struggling actor at the beginning of his career. He became a professional actor through his hard work and not giving up on his hard moments.

In an interview, Joseph said ‘ I found school quite tough, but Saturday night was movie night, and I started to empathize with the characters on screen. I started to get more involved with what these people were experiencing. Film inspired me to do better.

It simply means that Joseph learned to work harder through the movies he watched in his childhood.

Joseph Mawle In The Character Of Jesus In The Passion
Joseph Mawle In The Character Of Jesus In The Passion.
Source: IMDb

Now, Hardworking Joseph has played in more than 60 movies and T.V. series. e played the role of Benjamin Lawrence in the Book adaptation film ‘ In The Heart Of The Sea ‘ alongside amazing actors like Benjamin Walker and Chris Hemsworth.

The actor will be starring in a movie called ‘ The Last Planet, a historical movie about Jesus Christ. The film is currently in post-production, and Joseph will be playing the role of Saul.

Joseph Mawle Awards And Nominations

Despite all the hard work Joseph has done in the film industry, he wasn’t able to win any awards. Mawle was nominated 2 times for his great acting in the movie industry.

Joseph was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Birdsong(2012) in the year 2012. Mawle was also selected for The Royal Television Society Television Award in the movie Soundproof. Mawle was playing the role of Dean Whittingham in the movie Soundproof.

Joseph Mawle In The Character Of Jack In Movie Birdsong
Joseph Mawle In The Character Of Jack In Movie Birdsong.
Source: IMDb

Joseph is currently starring in the Fantasy Series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as Oren. He is playing the role of a villain in the series.

Is Joseph Single Or Married?

Joseph has no past dating history and even today Joseph is single. Maybe the actor is in a relationship that he intends to keep private at the moment.

As Joseph is rarely active on social media, it is hard for us to know whether he is single or not. The actor seeks privacy when it comes to topics like love and marriage. The actor has already stepped into his “middle age” and is still unmarried.

Is Joseph Mawle a Friend Of Dorothy?

The hardworking actor has not claimed whether he is gay, so it is still a mystery why he is single and not dating anyone. s Joseph has not declared his Sexual orientation; we cannot make false rumors. But, Whatever his preference, we all must support him because ‘ Love Is Love ‘.

Joseph Mawle And Holliday Grainger Together
Joseph Mawle And Holliday Grainger Together
Source: Taddlr

But, There were rumors about Joseph dating the English Actress Holliday Grainger as they were spotted together most of the time and a photo of them together raised the rumors. Holliday Grainger is also said to be unmarried for now or maybe Joseph and Grainger are in a private relationship.

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