Katherine Berkery is a former US model. She was one of the emerging fashion models back in the 1980s. Popular Welsh Grammy winner singer, also known as Tom Jones, is the Father of Katherine’s child.

Let’s know about the Net Worth, Relationship, and Early Life of Katherine Berkery.

Katherine Berkery’s Relationship With Tom Jones

Berkery first met Tom Jones in October 1987 at her workplace in New york. She became very fascinated by him at his very first glance. As a result, the pair spend three days together in Tom’s suite at Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Afterward, the pop singer left and never contacted the model again.

Later, She realized that she was pregnant with Tom’s child, and when she contacted him, he didn’t respond. And the fashionista took the things to court. She also showed the child’s DNA test as proof against the pop singer.

Katherine Berkery and her son
Katherine Berkery and her son
source: Biography talks

However, Tom Jones was already married to his late wife Linda Trenchard, and they already had a son Mark Woodward.

He denied all the allegations and refused to pay the child support. Nevertheless, Berkery had solid proof, and the court announced the decision in her favor. Also, read about the relationship of TikTok star Charlie D’Amelio.

And Jones was ordered to pay around $2k for the child support until the boy turned eighteen.

Net Worth of Model, Katherine Berkery

The Fashion icon created a name for herself in the fashion world as she had massive fame from her profession.

So, Katherine’s net worth mainly comprised of her modeling career earnings. And she also received money as child support from Jones. Also, know the net worth of 8-Bit Christmas child actor Santino Barnard.

Berkery’s baby’s father, Tom Jones, has earned a lot of income from her music career. Tom Jones’ net worth stands at a massive $300 million.

Katherine Brekery posing for a photoshoot
Katherine Brekery posing for a photoshoot
Source: Biography Host

The bakery was initially in the fashion industry as she has done a lot of photoshoots for numerous brands and companies. She has also been featured on covers and in many magazines. So, later on, She had to quit modeling to focus on her child, and over the years, She became a real estate agent.

The Early Life and Career of Katherine Berkery

Berkery was born in 1968 in Korea, but her birth parents abandoned her, and she was later adopted by a wealthy investor and his wife from New Jersey, USA.

There is no information about her biological parents are not on the internet yet, as she has maintained her personal life Low-key. However, little has been known about her early background and her education. She has always dreamed of becoming a model.

In 2006, Berkery appeared as one of the club girls in Picture Perfect, a short film about unachievable expectations placed on Women in American Society.

She has worked in the modeling industry for a short duration, but she has done a lot of photoshoots and modeling for many renowned brands.