One of the talented artists in Hollywood, Marcella Lentz-Pope, is an actor and a voice artist. Furthermore, she has been featured in movies like The Social Network, 2007’s Superbad, and the animated hit project, Big Hero 6.

Currently, 35 years of age, Marcella is at the peak of her career. Also, Lentz-pope comes from a talented household; make sure to find out about her parents.

Let’s discover her career, relationship status and social life.

Who is Marcella Lentz-Pope? Is she on League of Legends?

Few people survive in the cutthroat competition of Hollywood. Consequently, talents like Marcella are hard to ignore and once given a platform to shine, they do wonders.

Moreover, the artist appeared or was a part of 73 projects as an actor. Her notable work is on Gossip Girl, The Queen’s Gambit, Incredibles 2, and the critically acclaimed Boardwalk Empire.

Marcella  dubbing
Marcella Lentz-Pope dubbing.
Image Credit: @marcellalentzpope

Furthermore, some of her earliest work was on Avatar: The Last Airbender, where she provided her voice for the character Jin. The talented personality has worked on Tv series, movies, and Video games which allows her to showcase her many talents.

However, her name is associated with the globally popular League of Legends. Especially in 2015, she provided her voice as Kindred in League of Legends.

What is her networth?

Living a dream life in Hollywood, Marcella has amassed quite a networth over the years. Currently, she is worth around 1 Million USD. Furthermore, her relationship status seems to be single. Consequently, she earns more after focusing on work.

Furthermore, she has been involved in notable projects like Big Hero Six, SuperBad, League of Legends, and various other projects. Currently, These projects are worth billions.

Marcella Lentz-Pope on her vaccation
Marcella Lentz-Pope on her vacation.
Image Credit: Instagram

In addition, an online website, Ziprecruiter, suggests that an average Voice Actor in the USA gets paid over 76 thousand USD per year and 60 dollars per hour in Los Angeles.

She likes to treat herself to exotic holidays and numerous cosplay outfits with her earnings.

Marcella Lentz-Pope, Her Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

Looking at her social media handles, the voice artists live behind the camera rather than in front of it. Furthermore, her official Instagram handle, @marcellalentzpope, provides a little glimpse of her daily life.

Currently, her Instagram account has a healthy following of 44.3 thousand followers and over 400 posts. Furthermore, her Tiktok seems to have attracted over 400k fans and amassed an impressive 10.6 million likes.

Marcella Lentz cosplaying
Marcella Lentz is cosplaying.
Image Credit: Instagram

Her TikTok, @marcellalentzpope, showcases her comedic side and impression of famous characters and scenes. There are searches for her Twitter handle. However, no official account is related to the actor, but her fans share her works.

Early years and Family

Marcella was born on the 16th of August 1988 in Los Angeles, California, looking back at her earliest years. Furthermore, she was born in a famous household to Tony Pope and Patricia Lentz, voice actors. No wonder she carries so much talent and skills.

Marcella Lentz with her father
Marcella Lentz with her father.
Image credit: Instagram

Moreover, she got raised with her sister, Kin Melissa and brother, Alex Pope. From an early age, her interests were in theater and acting. Hence, she attended the theater division at the LA County High School of the Arts.

Later on, she went to London to study at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, California, the hub of arts and crafts in the United States of America.

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Tony Pope Father
Patricia Lentz Mother
Melissa Pope Sister
Alex Pope Brother