Mari Hakuta is a member of a famous family and Ali Wong and Justina Hakuta. In November 2015, she was born. She is a newborn baby, but her name is already on the list of popular children in the entertainment world.

Know About Mari Hakuta

In an interview with The New York Times, Wong joked that she was concerned that her husband would disapprove of their firstborn kid. To ensure her husband’s (half-Japanese) affection for their daughter, she gave her daughter a Japanese name.

In 2011, Hakuta’s mother was the top ten comics to watch. Her father is a chief executive at GoodRx, worth billions of dollars technology company. Her dad is a company owner, while her mum is a stand-up comedy, author, and actor.

She and her younger sister were close mates throughout their lives. She and her younger sister were close mates throughout their lives.

Mari Hakuta’s Parents (Ali Wong And Justina Hakuta) Relationship

Hakuta is a single woman as of 2021. She is not sophisticated enough to be in a romance of any type. In 2010, her mom met her husband at a bridal of mutual friends.

They began dating and subsequently were engaged shortly after that. In addition, the pair were romantically involved in San Francisco on November 27, 2014. Mari is one of their two adorable kids, while the other was born in 2017.

Ali Wong and Justina Hakuta
Ali Wong and Justina Hakuta.
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Her maternal grandparents are Ken Hakuta, Marilou Cantiller, Tam Wong, and Adolphus Wong. She and her family are presently based in Los Angeles.

Mari Hakuta’s Parents Career

Moving on to her parents’ professions, they are both well-known celebrities. Her daddy is a Filipino-Japanese businessman and the vice-chairman worth billions of dollars in tech firm GoodRx. He was also an Advertising & Distribution Analyst, a Research Analyst, and a Project Leader.

Her mom is also a well-known actress. Ali Wong’s Youtube stand-up specials Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife seem to be well. She also authored a continuation to the comic Fresh Off the Boat for the first four seasons.

How much is the Net Worth of Mari Hakuta?

Mari is too small to have a net assets estimation. However, we are optimistic that she will amass a sizable fortune when she reaches the age of maturity. She is presently inheriting her parents’ wealth and leading a spartan lifestyle.

Mari’s mother’s income is around $3 million. Mari’s profession allows her to make a respectable life. Her wage is now under review. Her stand-up comedy shows, Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife are popular on Netflix. Mari filmed Baby Cobra while she was seven months pregnant.

Her husband is approximately $1.2 million in income level. Her father included as wealthy as a result of his career. He has a significant net value and does other jobs to increase his revenue.

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Justin Hakuta Father
Ali Wong Mother
Ken Hakuta Grand father
Marilou Cantiller Grand Mother
Tam Wong Grand Mother
Adolphus Wong Grand Father
Mimi Wong Aunty
Andrew Wong Uncle