Martina Maccari is a social media influencer and former model. She is the wife of Leonardo Bonucci, a famous Italian football player. Because of her powerful and determined attitude, she is an idol for many women. Maccari is an Italian blogger, and her blogs are very diverse.

Instead of sticking to one subject or element, Martina is experimenting with various topics that are popular in the blogging industry. As a result, she has grown in prominence as a blogger.

Leonardo Bonucci’s Wife, Martina Maccari

Martina Maccari husband is an Italian professional footballer, Leonardo Bonucci.

He now represents Juventus in Serie A and the Italy national team. They have their own love story, just like every other couple. The first time they had a conversation was over the phone. She had placed a wager on Leonardo with a friend, after which she messaged him, and their conversation began.

Martina and her husband Leonardo Bonucci
Martina and her husband, Leonardo Bonucci
Image Source: Instagram

They eventually met in 2008 and moved in together after dating for a few months. The pair chose to tie the knot on June 18, 2011. The couple had their beautiful wedding in Castiglion Del Bosco Montalcino in the Siena province. The ceremony took place in the open, surrounded by floral arrangements and a lovely setting.

Despite her modeling profession at the time, she has been recognized for her devotion to her spouse and their relationship.

She also said in an interview that they, too, had their tough patches, just like any other marriage. They were able to overcome it, though, due to their level of understanding among each other. The pair isn’t afraid to flaunt their PDA on their social media profiles.

Martina Maccari and Leonardo Bonucci’s Children

The couple shares three beautiful children. She gave birth to their first child, Lorenzo Bonucci after they married in July 2012. Matteo Bonucci, their second child, was born two years after Lorenzo in May 2014. Her third child, daughter Matilda Bonucci, was born five years later in February 2019.

Martina Maccari's children Lorenzo Bonucci, Matteo Bonucci and Matilda Bonucci
Lorenzo Bonucci, Matteo Bonucci and Matilda Bonucci
Image Source: Instagram

After a severe sickness, their second born, Matteo, had to undergo emergency surgery in July 2016. In a 2017 interview, Leonardo admitted that his son’s illness had caused him to consider retiring from the sport.

Net Worth Of Martina Macarri

Although Martina Maccarni hides her actual net worth, it is estimated to be around $3-$5 million. She makes between $2.6K and $4.1K per month, according to various reports. She also makes between $31K and $496.8K per year from YouTube. And the advertisements that show in between the videos also bring in about $1600.

However, her husband Leonardo’s annual salary is approximately 7.5 million euros. He has a net worth of $22 million. He earns about $5.1 million per year from Juve & Bari. In addition, he has branded sponsors like Nike, Jeep, and Adidas. They have helped him earn a $20 million fortune.

Leonardo recently bought a brand new Aston Martin luxury car for $250,000. On July 1, 2011, the footballer joined Juve FC. From 2011 until 2017, he committed to a $17.7 million deal with Juve FC. Even though she has the financial means to live lavishly, she chooses a simple life and a day spent with her family.

Martina Maccari Scandals

On May 5, 2017, Martina Maccari again made headlines after posting a strange “bathroom selfie” on her Instagram account. She shared the photo before Wednesday’s Italian Cup final, in which Leonardo Bonucci would face Lazio.

Martina took the photo while sitting on the toilet, her pants around her ankles and a sheet of toilet paper on her forehead. However, not everyone was happy to see her post. While many others slammed her as an “exhibitionist.”

The scandalous picture she shared on her Instagram captioning as "Current Situation"
The scandalous picture she shared on her Instagram captioning as “Current Situation.”
Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, in October 2012, an armed robber assaulted Leonardo, Martina, and their five-month-old baby. He demanded that Leonardo give him his watch.

Martina, on the other hand, locked herself in the car with their son, Lorenzo.  Leonardo ran out to take the watch, punched the robber, and chased him down the street. However, the robber and his partner managed to escape on a bike.

Furthermore, in May 2012, there was a match-fixing scandal. In that scandal, charges were pressed on her husband Leonardo, Simone Pepe, Antonio Conte, and other players.

Again, in May 2010, there was an accusation on Martina’s husband of helping to fix the result of a 3-3 draw against Udinese. The case did, however, have legal ramifications. Despite this, the player’s lawsuit was registered in February 2015.

Martina Maccari Short Info

Martina Maccarni was born to Dino Maccari and Marina Calabrese on November 19, 1985. She belongs to Italian nationality. Maccari has a sibling, a brother, Federico Maccari. The birthplace of Martina is Italy, but she currently resides in Turin, Italy. Her father is an Italian businessman, whereas her mother is also an entrepreneur.

Martina Maccari with her father Dino Maccari, mother Marina Calabrese, brother Federico Maccari, husband Leonardo and three children
Martina Maccari and her family
Image Source: Instagram

As of 2021, she is 35 years old. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a body weight of 55 kg. Martina has shiny brown hair and captivating brown eyes. She is a woman of an attractive personality and a follower of Christianity. Overall, Maccari has a lovely personality and a good physique.

At the age of 16, Martina started her modeling career. She became quite popular and successful. The lovely model got a lot of attention for her beauty. Later she entered into the field of blogging, and now she works as a blogger. She works as a real estate agent currently.

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