The native of America, Mitchell Coby Michael, who is better known as Mitch Grassi, is a talented singer/songwriter and YouTuber. He is regarded as one of the intelligent singers because he can sing using both masculine and feminine pronouns.

Besides this, he also is better known as the member and lead singer of the band, Pentatonix (ptx official), where there are four other band members, namely, Scott Hoying, Kristin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Matt Sallee.

Mitch Grassi’s Love Life

The band member and the famous singer Mitch are currently living a single life at the moment. Being a gay singer, he is grabbing enough fans and followers but is not involved in a romantic relationship with anyone except the rumors of dating someone previously.

Professional gay singer Mitch Grassi
Professional gay singer Mitch Grassi.
Source: Instagram @mitchgrassi

Mitch is openly a homosexual who uses both he and her pronouns with his name, can speak both the male and female voice fluently, and dress himself up as a girl. Once, he has also said that ”there are more advantages than disadvantages of being gay. He loves his fans for accepting him the way he is, and it makes him feel closer to them’‘.

So, Grassi might be living a single life which is busy making their career in singing. It seems like he is happy in his singlehood and spends most of the quality time with his friends. 

Rumors About Dating Beau Sloane

In the media, there is a rumor that the professional singer is romantically involved with Beau Sloane. However, Beau has not disclosed his sexuality. Scrolling Sloane’s Instagram snaps, it seems like Beau is also a homosexual. 

Beau Sloane and Mitch Grassi
Beau Sloane and Mitch Grassi. 
Source: hit berry

Well, it is yet not clearly described whether Sloane and Grassi are actually in a love relationship or not. It seems like the pair are sharing a good bond as a perfect friend only. 

There is not an exact answer and the indication that can be used to prove that the pair is surely dating one another or not. Whatever the relationship between them, they seem blissful on it and live safely and delightfully. 

Mitch Grassi Is The Good Friend Of The Band Member, Scott Hoying 

Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi are the members of the band, Pentatonix. Not only band members, but they are also friends who are spotted together in many events and public programs. Due to their closeness, there was also gossip in the media that the Hoying and Grassi are dating one another.

But it is only a rumor; we cannot declare it as a true piece of news. Mitch and Scott also share the YouTube channel, which goes by SUPERFRUIT, where they share many adorable and interesting videos to entertain their fans, followers, and subscribers.

Net Worth Of Pentatonix Lead Singer, Mitch Grassi

Being a singer, Mitch is garnering an impressive sum of wealth; he is also obtaining good recognition from it. As of 2019, Mitch has a net worth of $8 million in total. The main source of income for Mitch is from his professional work as a singer.

He is also an active member of the American three-time Grammy Award-winning music group, Pentatonix. From there, too, he is earning a hefty sum of money and is living lavishly. Likewise, another source of income is from his involvement in various live music shows and concerts.

Five talented members of the band, Pentatonix
Five talented members of the band, Pentatonix.
Source: Page Six

As mentioned above, he also has his YouTube channel, SUPERFRUIT, where there are more than 2.50 million subscribers and is earning between $337-$5.4 thousand monthly. Likewise, the channel earns $4K – $64.6 thousand per annum.

Besides SUPERFRUIT, his other YouTube channel, PTXofficial established along with his other band members, earns a monthly income of $18.2K – $291.2 thousand and an annual income of $218.4K – $3.5 million

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