Anesa Lipa

Being a celebrity mother means getting half of the media attention of your children. Anesa Lipa is one of the personalities who are famous for being a celebrity mother. Anesa Lipa is the mother of British pop star, Dua Lipa. Born on June 29, 1972, in Prishtina, Kosovo, Anesa is the daughter of an Albanian […]

Arlene Litman

There are lots of celebrity mother who has become the center of attention due to their celebrity child. It is a common factor to get media or public attention if you are related to a celebrity. Just like that Arlene Litman has come into the spotlight for being a celebrity mother. She was the proud […]

Ellie Tahan

It is a proud moment for every mother when they get recognization because of their children. Ellie Tahan is currently living at that moment. Ellie is famous for being a celebrity mother. Thanks to her celebrity son and daughter. Ellie is the beloved and supportive mother of Charlie Tahan, an American actor who is renowned […]

Nadine Brewer

It’s a lucky thing to be related to a celebrity because it brings media fame and popularity to the outside world. Moreover, being a celebrity mother means getting half of the attention the celebrity gets. Fans get curious to know who is the one that brings out and raises their favorite celebrity. Among others, Nadine […]

Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan

Pearlyn Goh Kun Shan is getting famous for having a celebrity connection. Getting attention being a celebrity family member has become common nowadays. Like others, Pearlyn is also obtaining fame for her blood relationship with an entertainment personality. Kun Shan is making highlights for being the mother of worldwide renowned English actress Jessica Henwick of […]

Gina DeBose

Gina DeBose has come into the spotlight for being a celebrity mother. She actively makes her presence at social events with her celebrity kid for which she has gathered immense popularity. DeBose’s star daughter is nonother than Ariana DeBose, an American theatre, movie, and tv show actress. Furthermore, every successful person they have a supportive […]

Dru Ann Mobley

Having celebrity family members means attracting media attention towards yourself. We have heard of and seen many celebrity parents who become the topic of search because of their kids. Like others, Dru Ann Mobley is also earning fame for being the mother of talented American actor Armand Douglas Hammer¬†professionally known as Armie Hammer. Besides, being […]

Tammy T. Wilson

The celebrity mother Tammy T. Wilson‘s name is not unheard of. Tammy came into the spotlight thanks to her talented son. Wilson is the proud mother of Russell Carrington Wilson, an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL). Further, the supportive mother was born Tammy Turner on November 4, […]

Terria Joseph

Being the mother of a celebrity means getting fame and attention from the public. Terria Joseph is a celebrity mother who is spotlighted because of her beautiful daughter. Augello is the supportive and proud mom of American singer-songwriter Alicia keys. Terria was born Teresa M. Augello on May 8, 1950, in Detroit, Michigan to her […]

Valdir Bundchen

Valdir Bundchen is a celebrity father who is enjoying his popularity because of his famous daughter. Valdir is attracting media and public attention for being a supportive and “best father” of Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bundchen. Bundchen was born on May 1, 1949, in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. Even though, Valdir caught the media’s […]

Saida Mouh

The mother of celebrity Saida Mouh is getting much media attention thanks to her talented young son. Saida is the supportive mother of Achraf Hakimi, a professional footballer who plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the national team representing his home country, Morocco. Similarly, the beloved celebrity mother of Achraf, Mouh has been living her […]

Mary Jolivet

It is common to get curious about your favorite celebrity’s family background. That is why many celebrity parents get public attention and come into the media’s spotlight. Another proud mother of a renowned artist from Canada, Mary Jolivet, is also at the center of the attention. Jolivet is the celebrity mother of renowned Canadian actor […]

Ana Caso

It’s common if the children get famous as a celebrity means as a mother you will also get the attention. The celebrity mother, Ana Caso, also enjoys the limelight, thanks to her actress daughter. Ana is the celebrity mother of Ana Celia de Armas Caso, famous as Ana de Armas. The talented Armas is a […]

Courteney Copeland

Being a celebrity mother means getting half of the media’s attention as people get curious about their favorite person’s parents. Among others, Courteney Copeland was also earning fame for being a mother of a famous celebrity. Courteney was the proud mother of a renowned American actress and filmmaker, Courteney Bass Cox, recognized as Courteney Cox. […]

Kathy Prinze

You can call lucky if you are related to a celebrity. Because to be a celebrity relative means gaining fame and popularity without effort. Likewise, Kathy Prinze is popular because of being a celebrity wife as well as a celebrity mother. Prinze came to the limelight after marrying an entertainment star. The famous Katherine Cochran, […]

Tiny Hightower

To gather media attention from celebrity parents is easy. Fans usually get curious about their favorite celebrity parents to know more about their favorite celebrity. Likewise, presently Tiny Hightower is the focus of the public, but why, though? Hightower is a celebrity mother who is in the middle of attention at the moment. Tiny “Tynee” […]

Judith Spies Eifrig

Recently, Judith Spies Eifrig is in the center of attention. To come into the limelight for being a celebrity relative is the usual thing. Which happen to Judith Spies too. So who is Judith Spies Eifrig? The knowing personality Judith is the celebrity mother. She is getting all the media attention for being a mother […]