Rene Nezhoda is a German-American televsion realtiy star. His keen knowledge of second-hand items purchasing and selling made him stand out in the show “Storage Wars.” He titles himself the encyclopedia of second-hand items.

Moreover, This all is made possible due to the support of his wife, Casey Nezhoda. You can learn about the details of this amazing man in this article. The information about his net worth, early life, and relationship is available in this article.

How did Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda meet and marry each other?

Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda are married and still strong, sharing their bond for more than sixteen years. The celebrity pair split shortly after their marriage, but they have been strong for over a decade. You can learn more about their relationship by scrolling further.

There is no information about their first meeting and dating experience. It seems they want to keep their first experience precious to themselves. The lovely pair hasn’t shared the love story and how they fell for each other in the media platforms.

Rene Nezhoda with his daughter and wife
Rene Nezhoda with his daughter and wife
Source: Instagram@rbargainhunters

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They took a further step in their lovely relationship in 2006 by marrying each other. However, no information is available when we look for the marriage ceremony. They might have completed their marriage in the presence of their close colleagues and family members.

The love birds made their bond even stronger, taking a big step in their relationship by becoming the father and mother of a beautiful daughter. Their daughter’s name is Tatiana Nezhoda, born in 2006, and they provide immense love to their only daughter.

Are the rumors true about their parting ways with each other?

The rumors of their parting ways were getting the hype, but the rumors weren’t true about their separation. They have happily shared their relationship for over a decade without conflicts or misunderstandings between the love duo.

Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda look good together
Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda look good together
Source: Instagram@rbargainhunters

The fans were curious to know that the star couple would have a destination like other celebrity pairs. They were eager to see when the show pair like Jarrod and Brandi split, and they were curious if they would end up like them, parting ways with each other.

If their fans are still unclear, then the pair’s social handles make their perfect relationship crystal clear. They share the pictures of each on their Instagram handle and create the content of storage units and other exciting stuff for youtube together on their official channel Bargainhuntersthrift.

What is the Net Worth of Rene Nezhoda?

Rene Nezhoda is making a fortune from his business and earning a large amount of money, adding to his net worth. He enjoys a net worth of $2 million from his company and other stuff; know about the details by reading and scrolling further.

He and his wife appeared in the A&E reality television series “Storage Wars” during its fourth season. They were recurring cast members while they appeared, but due to their amazing performance on the show, they were the main cast members, appearing in the show regularly.

Rene Nezhoda is enjoying his rich life playing poker
Rene Nezhoda is enjoying his rich life playing poker
Source: Instagram@rbargainhunters

The German-American man does not share the revenue from the show with the media. Likewise, we can guess they made over $25,000 or even more due to their liking per episode. However, they left the show after the fifth season, but it is rumored they will appear in the 14th “Storage Wars” season.

In addition, the pair opened their second-hand shop, Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, in San Diego, California, which is 7000 square feet. They may have been making plenty of money selling second-hand products from their shop.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur earns money from their official Youtube Channel Bargainhuntersthrift. From the data of social blade, they may be making money ranging from $112 to $1.8k monthly and $1.3k to $21.4k anually from their Youtube.

More Information about Rene Nezhoda

Rene Nezhoda loves to use social networking sites. He loves to connect with his fans virtually through social media platforms. The television reality star updates his daily life and other stuff on his social handle.

The Instagram Post made by Rene Nezhoda
The Instagram Post made by Rene Nezhoda
Source: Instagram@rbargainhunters

The German-American man is a certified user on Instagram with the username@rbargainhunters having over 84k followers on his Instagram Handle. He shares his daily life pictures and gives updates on his youtube content on his Instagram Handle.

Moreover, the fantastic entrepreneur uses all the social networking sites to effectively boost his business by sharing about it on those platforms. He is almost available on every social networking site, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln.

He fell in love with buying and selling second-hand items from an early age pursuing a career in this field. Rene has also published a price guide on limited-edition casino chips and made his store available online so everyone can purchase his products.

The Early Life and Educational Background of Rene Nezhoda

Rene Nezhoda had an entrepreneurial quality from an early age, was born on April 6, 1977, and has the zodiac sign, Aries. He is the son of Gunter Nezhoda, but the name of his mother is not available. The reality star kept the further family details under the wrap.

The quality of being an entrepreneur was seen from an early age. From the age of 11. he used to buy the storage units and sell the products making a decent profit from those second-hand items. Rene was a genius at finding the value of second-hand items from an early age.

Looking through the educational background of Rene Nezhoda, there is no detailed and proper information about his education. However, some sources say he completed his high school education at Las Vegas High School.

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