Being a celebrity child offers several opportunities from an early age. Likewise, Russell Simmons II, also known as Russy Simmons, is the son of American rapper and DJ Joseph Ward Simmons. Furthermore, being inspired by his talented folks, Russell is trying to start a career in rapping and acting.

We may have seen the 25-year-old on shows like Rev Runs Around the World and Total Request Live. Let’s look at the emerging star’s net worth and career.

Who is Russell Simmons II?

Russell is the son of famous musician Joseph Simmons and actress Justine Simmons. In addition, he is born into a successful family. His uncles are Russell Simmons and Danny Simmons. He was born in Saddle River, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA, on the 30th of August, 1997.

Furthermore, Jr Simmons grew up with five siblings, Diggy, Angela, Victoria, Vanessa, and Joseph. Later on, he studied at a high school in New Jersey. His brother Diggy is a multi-talented personality who is a rapper, actor, singer, songwriter, and model.

Russell Simmons II with his father and uncle.
Russell Simmons II with his father and uncle.
Image source: bckolin

Stereotyped as a typical rapper, Simmons Jr infamously bleached his skin due to his illness eczema from his childhood, which made him look fair.

Initially, he started his career after being cast in Run’s House, produced by MTV in 2005. The reality show showcased the life of the Simmons family which successfully ran for six seasons.

Later, he appeared on Rev Runs worldwide and Rev Run’s Sunday supper alongside his family. Moreover, he attended the 2006’s BET Awards. Also, read about Olivia Rodrigo.

How Much Is Russell Simmons II Net Worth?

Born into a famous family, Russell was exposed to a lavish lifestyle early on. Currently, he has an impressive net worth of 1 Million USD. In addition, his father is worth a massive $70 Million. Russie and his siblings grew up in a New Jersey house costing $5.5 Million. Furthermore, he starred in numerous TV shows and Documentaries, where he earned lucrative salaries and global exposure.

Russell Simmons II posing for a picture.
Russell Simmons II is posing for a picture.
Image Source: @russy_simmons

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Adding to his revenue stream, he has been involved in rapping, singing, acting, and screenwriting. As of 2022, he has released rap songs, for instance, Someone Like You, The Christmas Song, Find Your Love, and much more. Like Jack Depp, he is expected to carry on the legacy of their famous parents.

More about the Celebrity Child

Befitting the image of a modern rapper, Russie has a lean physical figure and a brooding look on his face. Furthermore, the celebrity child stands at the height of 5 Feet and 6 Inches (1.6 Meters) and weighs around 65 Kilograms (143 lbs).

The emerging 25 aged star belongs to American Nationality and is of African-American Ethnicity. In addition, he was born with short black hair and stunning black eyes. Simmons’ Zodiac sign is Virgo. He is also a follower of the Christianity religion.

Russell Simmons II as a child.
Russell Simmons II as a child.
Image Source: @russy_simmons

As an upcoming actor and rapper, he has garnered a huge fan following on the online domain. Currently, he is also available on Instagram, with an impressive following of nearly 40 thousand, and he has posted about four posts. Furthermore, his official IMDb page has six credits, where he appeared in documentaries and Tv shows. In addition, he gave numerous interviews with his family on YouTube.

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