Kyle Mooney

SNl boast many starts in the comedic lineup, Kyle Mooney is one of those stars, who managed to shine the most. The humorous kyle has managed to put a simle on our face for the last 14 years. Mooney alongside, Colin Jost, Canon Thompson, Eddie Bryant, and Kristen Wig are the pioneers of modren sketch […]

Jim Breuer

Jim Breuer is a proud New Yorker who has taught people to launch and have fun, despite having difficult moments in his life. Furthermore, he has hosted Saturday Night Live and numerous famous radio shows. He is also known for performing as the opening act on Metallica’s 30th Anniversary event. Let’s witness the Inspiring Journey […]

Fred Armisen

The SNL has been a talent pool, which has launched the career of many superstars. Fred Armisen is one of those names, who have graced us with his impeccable comedic and musical talent. Besides, Armisen has worked with the likes of Robert De Niro, Will Ferrell, and Conan O’ Brien. Furthermore, he is the winner […]

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