Weight lifter with the face of an Angel, Taneth Gimenez de Montero, is a Latino model and influencer. Gimenez has inspired numerous people to pursue their dreams and passion.

Furthermore, Gimenez made headlines with her incredible physique and her anonymous partner. She is known for sharing different workout exercises and modeling shots in athletic wear to her Taneth.

Nevertheless, we have garnered some interesting facts and trivia, which will inspire people.

Who Is The Father Of Taneth Gimenez’s Kids?

Taneth raised two children alongside a successful Career. As a result, many of her viewership and followers often inquire about her partner. However, Gimenez kept the father’s identity a mystery. Furthermore, she earns enough to raise her children herself.

As a result, her children, Loren and Jesus, make brief appearances on her social network.

Tanith Gimenez’s Kids.
Image Credit: @ taneth.fit

Currently, the model fulfills the duty of a father figure and provides education and love for her children, similar to model Mila Santos. Furthermore, she has built a great career around her weight-lifting talent.

Also, she enjoys her friends’ companionship and traveling with her loved ones. Later, we might catch the instructor dating someone, as she is a beautiful personality.

Weight Lifting Goddess Taneth Gimenez

Taneth Gimenez has opened a YouTube channel for Fitness enthusiasts with a passion for bodybuilding, passing down her knowledge. Currently, her channel boasts an impressive following of 2.52 thousand. Furthermore, she provides workout routines and fitness tutorials. The weightlifter has garnered a huge female following as her content empowers women.

Tanith Gimenez Modeling.
Image Credit: @ taneth.fit

In addition, her biggest infusion platform is Instagram. Currently, her Instagram handle features a massive 2.1 million followers. Furthermore, she has posted over 1800 contents about fitness.

Most of her pictures flaunt her incredible physique and modeling pictures. The Latino beauty created an account in the infamous 18+ app, Onlyfans, and the trending streaming app, TikTok.

Net Worth Of The Latino Beauty, Taneth Gimenez

Taneth has achieved her dreams and pursued a lavish lifestyle with an established fitness career and modeling gigs. Currently, her networth estimates at around 5 Million USD.

Furthermore, the model attracted huge engagements, which attracted brands and sponsorship deals from Bangenergy and Jednorthwomen. She promotes several fitness brands on her Instagram, including Better Bodies, MTS Mulatos, and Fitness Plaza.

Moreover, Gimenez is known as a nutritionist and a Forzagen-sponsored athlete. She is known for sharing different workout exercises and modeling shots in athletic wear to her taneth.

Tanith Gimenez on Vaccation.
Image Credit: @ taneth.fit

Recently, she enjoyed an exotic vacation with her kids, where they visited a beach. Furthermore, she has purchased a house and a luxurious car. In addition, she charges a hefty fee for private lessons and fitness tips. If you enjoyed this article, follow the career of another aspiring model Malena Tudi.

Age And Height Of Taneth Gimenez

The Angel of Gym is famous for her rock-hard abs. Currently, she stands tall at 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs around 70 kilograms. She has earthy-colored eyes and earthy-colored hair.

She was born May 8, 1992, in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. As of now, she is 30 years old. Gimenez speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Furthermore, she holds a Venezuelan Nationality and belongs to the Hispanic Ethnicity. Gimenez has maintained a muscular physique and a clean image on social media. Moreover, her Zodiac sign is Taurus, signifying her strong personality.

Tanith Gimenez 2021.
Image Credit: @ taneth.fit

Furthermore, Taith was born into a Latin family. However, the model kept her parent’s identity secret. Furthermore, she aspired to model and fitness. Later, she completed graduation and Pursued a weight lifting career close to the popular Fitness devotee Jeff Nippard.

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