You might know actress Sarah Alles from her breakthrough performance in various successful German Television series. Sarah is best known for performing Mia Dannenberg in the 2006 series Tessa-Leben fur die Liebe (Tessa-Life for Love). Alles also runs a podcast called ‘Power Pause.‘ There she publishes meditations.

The actress Alles is a married woman. She is in a marital relationship with Thimon Von Berlepsch. Know the detailed information regarding their marital life in the following sections.

Sarah Alles Husband, Thimon Von Berlepsch, A Magician

The German actress is in a loving relationship with her husband, Thimon Von Berlepsch. Alles spouse Berlepsch is also a celebrity earning prominence from his professional and successful career as a magician and hypnotist.

Image: The German actress Sarah Alles’ husband, Thimon Von Berlepsch, is a professional magician and hypnotist
Source: Instagram @thimonvonberlepsch

Thimon, 43, performs card tricks, changes one item to another, and others. He hosts a show called ‘Secret Circle.‘ Additionally, Von Berlepsch has also published books such as The Magician Within: How Curiosity and Imagination Can Change Our World, Update for your subconscious.

Secret Married Life

Unlike other celebrities, actress Sarah and magician Thimon rarely talk about their marital life. They have kept their marital life details far away from the limelight. How and when Alles and Berlepsch met and tied the wedding knot is still unclear.

Photo: The Das Geheimnis im Wald (The Secret in the Woods) actress Sarah Alles and magician Thimon Von Berlepsch are secretive regarding their married life
Source: Getty Images

The married duo also rarely shares pictures with one another on their social networking sites. However, Sarah and Thimon attend public events together. They have appeared on the premiere of films, award functions and other public programs.

On December 16, 2014, Sarah and Thimon attended the premiere of the film ‘96 Hours – Taken 3‘ at Zoo Palast in Berlin, Germany.

Snap: Sarah Alles and her husband, Thimon Von Berlepsch, attended the premiere of the film ’96 Hours – Taken 3′ at Zoo Palast in Berlin, Germany, on December 16, 2014.
Source: Getty Images

As of now, the husband-wife duo might be living a blissful marital life without involving in any rumors related to the separation. Sarah is busy focusing on her acting career, and Thimon is also working hard to pursue a better career as a magician. They are supportive of one another.

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