Kolby Kulhanek, a young man whose life was tragically short now he has become the center of a passionate pursuit for justice led by his determined mother, Susan Kulhanek. Through her relentless advocacy on TikTok, Susan has managed to capture the attention of millions, with videos calling for justice for Kolby amassing over 5 million views.

Susan firmly believes that Kolby met a tragic fate, being murdered in October 2018, before his body was discovered near a desolate dirt pit. As a tribute to her beloved son, Kolby’s headstone stands adorned with cherished memories, including precious photographs of his time spent with his daughter, Jazmine Kulhanek.

Kolby possessed impressive skills as an accomplished welder, a craft he learned from his father and grandfather, further enhancing the depth of his character. As a cherished member of the Lumberton community, the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise remain shrouded in mystery. This is the story of Kulhanek, a life that ended too soon, sparking a relentless pursuit for justice.

Unveiling the Early Life of Kolby Kulhanek

Kolby, born on June 3, 1993, in Beaumont, Texas, was a native of Lumberton and was 25 years old at the time of his passing. His full name was Kolby William Kulhanek, and he was the son of Kevin Earle Kulhanek, Sr., and Susan Ann Simmons Kulhanek. Growing up in a family of welders, with his father and grandfather skilled in the trade, Kolby also developed a remarkable talent for welding.

Kolby Kulhanek with his father and siblings.
Kolby Kulhanek with his father and siblings. Source: Youtube

Described by his brother Kevin as a good-natured, cool, and hilariously funny person, Kolby had a knack for cracking jokes and bringing laughter to those around him. He shared a close bond with his brothers Nicholas Clark Kulhanek, Brandon Lee Kulhanek, and Kalin Beal Kulhanek. Furthermore, Kolby had a cherished daughter named Jazmine Kulhanek, with whom he had created beautiful memories.

Additionally, the old pictures of Kolby with his family members serve as a testament to the love and joy they shared together. Despite the tragedy that befell him, Kolby’s early life was full of warmth, laughter, and the deep bond of family.

Mysterious Disappearance: The Search for Kolby Kulhanek and Lingering Questions

On October 12, 2018, Kolby, last seen by his family, washed his blue Audi in the yard as he conversed with his brother. His failure to return home that night initially didn’t cause alarm, as his family assumed he had stayed over at a friend’s place. However, concern intensified when Kolby failed to answer his calls.

Kolby Kulhanek.
Kolby Kulhanek. Source: Pintrest

At first, investigators from Harden County didn’t suspect foul play, as Kolby was famous to be a pleasant and likable person. The family held onto hope that he was safe somewhere. Kolby’s brothers expressed their love and longing for him but also feared the worst while hoping he would come home.

Several days after his disappearance, Kolby’s car was discovered. Notably, his keys and one of his shoes were nearly 100 yards away from the vehicle. The perplexing placement of these items left the family puzzled. They were unsure if it indicated foul play or if Kolby was simply missing. The uncertainty surrounding his disappearance deepened the sense of unease and confusion for the family.

Search Efforts and Tragic Discovery: Kolby Kulhanek Body Foiund?

After Kolby Kulhanek’s disappearance, search, and rescue organization Texas Equusearch took charge of the extensive search efforts, aided by local volunteers using ATVs, boats, and drones to cover the vast search area. The outpouring of support from friends, family, and neighbors was an unbelievable blessing to Kolby’s brother, Kevin. One volunteer, Richard Gollihare, expressed his motivation to help by imagining if it were his own loved one who had gone missing.

Kolby Kulhanek with his daughter and wife.
Kolby Kulhanek with his daughter and wife. Source: Youtube

It was on October 23, 2018, 11 days after his disappearance, that Kolby’s body was in a County Sheriff’s Department helicopter. The image of the aircraft holds a significant place on Kolby’s headstone, piloted by someone cherished by the family. Hardin County Justice of the Peace Charles Brewer stated that Kolby’s sinuses showed signs of watery fluids, suggesting a possible drowning. No visible wounds were there in Kolby’s body. Likewise, the decomposition indicated that he had spent approximately a week in water.

Authorities planned to release the official cause of death pending toxicology and police investigations, a process expected to take six to eight weeks. Major Dennis Allen of the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office emphasized that they were treating the case as a questionable death and continuing their investigation, allowing the facts to guide them. The family requested prayers and support during this difficult time.

Seeking Truth and Justice: The Persistent Pursuit for Answers in Kolby’s Death

In their unwavering determination to uncover the truth surrounding Kolby Kulhanek’s death, his family reportedly enlisted the services of a private investigation firm. However, since November 2018, when the firm was hired, the progress of the investigation has been frustratingly limited. Also, read to find out about Kevin Samuels’ death cause.

A Facebook page titled “Corruption in Hardin County, TX” brought attention to the Kulhanek family’s decision, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to finding justice for Kolby. The post also shows skepticism regarding the integrity and efficacy of the chosen private investigation firm. They were citing allegations of dishonesty and deception in a previous case involving a grieving mother whose daughter died in Hardin County.

Undeterred by the challenges they face, Kulhanek’s family remains resolute in their belief that Kolby was the victim of a heinous crime. Their unwavering determination ensures that they will continue their fight for justice, unwilling to let his memory fade away without finding the answers they seek.

Uncovering the Truth: Susan Kulhanek’s Relentless Pursuit for Justice in Her Son’s Controversial Death

After the initial ruling by the medical examiner, stating that Kolby Kulhanek’s death was an accidental drowning, despite no fluid being in his lungs. However, his mother, Susan Kulhanek, refused to accept the conclusion. Determined to uncover the truth, she fought tirelessly to have her son’s body re-examined.

In November 2022, Kolby’s body was exhumed and sent to the University of North Texas for a thorough examination. The results of the new autopsy shattered the previous ruling, revealing that Kolby’s death was drug-related. Susan, who had suspected her son’s struggles with addiction, expressed her relief at finally knowing the truth.

However, while some answers have been obtained, questions still linger in Susan’s mind. She remains determined to uncover the full circumstances surrounding her son’s demise, continuing her fight for justice. The family, in their quest for information, has offered a substantial reward of $25,000 and has reached out to the community for any pertinent information.

With an unwavering spirit, Susan Kulhanek continues to seek closure and ensure that her son’s memory is rememberable. Kayla Bailey also died untimely because of a car accident.

Funeral Arrangements for Kolby: Remembering a Beloved Life

The Kulhanek family arranged a memorial service to honor the life of Kolby Kulhanek on Saturday, February 18, 2023, at Broussard’s Chapel in Silsbee, Texas. The service took place at noon and was open to the community, allowing friends, neighbors, and loved ones to gather and pay their respects to Kolby.

Kolby Kulhanek's Tombstone.
Kolby Kulhanek’s Tombstone. Source: Youtube

On Saturday, October 27, 2018, Kolby’s Funeral Service was at the same location, Broussard’s Chapel in Silsbee, Texas. Reverend Ray McNames delivered a heartfelt message of comfort, providing solace to those in attendance. During the service, meaningful songs were playing behind, including “Why” by Rascal Flatts, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa, and “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe.

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