Wanda Durant, a famous entrepreneur and champion, was born on September 7, 1967, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Moving on to her genetic history, the specifics of her lineage are being researched. However, she has a loving father and mother, and little is known about them. We don’t know anything about her siblings because we don’t know anything about them.

She appears to be literate, and she may have finished her college education in the United States. However, her schooling and university or middle school experience have yet to be revealed.

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More About Wanda’s career

She used to serve for the national govt, but she has since left, claiming that she has found her calling. Durant is now a humanitarian, motivational speaker, and businesswoman. She has created several inspiring platforms, including Hope and Dream Believe. Wanda’s primary goal is to teach parents how to raise their kids appropriately, and she is a great role model for this.

Wanda with his two sons (Photo source by: Pinterest)

It’s tough not to realize that Kevin almost always brings up his mother when he speaks. During an emotional MVP acceptance speech, he talked about her dedication to the family and how she helped keep him and his brothers off the streets and to where they are now.

Kevin’s mom’s personal life

Wayne Pratt, Durant’s ex-husband and the father of his children, has divorced her. Wayne Pratt is a well-known Association Football Player born in the U.K on March 1, 1960. Wayne was a police officer at the time he wedded Wanda. However, he did abandon his family when he was 23 years old.

Wayne Pratt (Source: Amazon.com)

Wanda raised her boys as single mum and showed them to be complete success. While working for the federal government, she was raising her children. She had her first child, Anthony, while a teenager due to a relationship with Wayne Pratt. Kevin Durant was born as a result of her marriage to her son’s father.

As a divorced mom, she had to do many jobs to survive her family. She also motivated her kids to be valuable members of society by allowing them to interact in extracurricular activities that kept them off the streets.

Wayne’s wife’s net worth

She is a prominent advocate and leader who has accumulated a substantial net worth due to the profits of her two sons, one of them is a renowned basketball player and the other an entrepreneur. Kevin’s net worth of $175 million is enough to provide his mother with more than she could wish. Wanda’s fortune is to be around $6 million.

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