Another celebrity father, Ron Van Olphen, has got media attention because of his celebrity daughter. Mr. Olphen is the proud father of the television personality Scheana Shay. Ron Van, who has been living outside of public attention suddenly rise to stardom because of his daughter’s successful career.

Similarly, Ron Van Olphen was born on March 16, 1960, in the United States. Van has never shared his late parent’s details. However, he often posts about them on their birthday or remembrance days. According to Ron’s Instagram post, his mother passed away in September 2002 and his father died a year later in 2003. Ron has a sibling, a brother named Edward Van Olphen.

Likewise, Ron is very supportive of her daughter’s professional career and often appears as a guest member on his celebrity daughter’s podcast show called Scheananigans. Also, he has written, “Cool dad to two swag daughters!” in his official social sites bio. Continue reading to know more about the proud and supportive father Olphen’s details on relationships, children, and many more.

Ron Van Olphen First Met His Now-Wife Erika Van Olphen In His Early 20s!

The celebrity dad Ron has been sharing his intimate life with his beloved girlfriend-turned-wife, Erika Van Olphen. Ron Van is the luckiest guy who has found his true love in his early 20s, with whom he now happily shares his wedding life.

Ron Van Olphen began his romantic affair with his now-wife Erika Van Olphen in 1984.
Ron Van Olphen began his romantic affair with his now-wife Erika Van Olphen in 1984.
Source: Instagram @ronvanolphen

Ron and Erika first met in 1983. Soon after the meeting, they shared a healthy bond and began their romantic affair a year later in 1984. Ron Van had his first encounter with his now-spouse Erika when he was just 23 years old.

On March 15, 2020, she shared an image with her hubby to wish him on his birthday, where she mentioned, “This guy turns 60 today! It’s crazy to think that he was only 23 when we first met and got together (and he looks the same) Who knew where this life would take us… I’m so grateful for him and our 2 amazing daughters.”

Similarly, Ron shared their throwback image to wish Erika on her birthday on May 13, 2017. He captioned the post, “I’ve celebrated your birthday with you since you were 19…And I love you more and more every day! Happy Birthday, babe!!

Their Wedding Life Since 1994!

The celebrity parents, Ron and Erika, are the perfect example of what a successful long-lasting marriage looks like. Ron and Erika finally take their relationship to the next level, after sharing a romantic dating life for a decade. The longtime couple tied the wedding knot on October 1994.

Scheana Shay's parents Ron Van Olphen and Erika Van Olphen have been in a marital relationship since October 1994.
Scheana Shay’s parents, Ron Van Olphen and Erika Van Olphen have been in a marital relationship since October 1994.
Source: Instagram @erikavanolphen

The details of Ron and Erika’s wedding ceremony are hidden. But, on October 15, 2019, Mrs. Von Olphen shared two pictures from their marriage to congratulate her husband, Ron, on their 25th anniversary. She captioned,

We’ve been together for over 35 years and married for 25 of those today! There’s been ups and downs, happy times and sad times… We’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters who are smart, independent, hard-working, and overall just great young ladies! We’ve experienced just about everything two people can do together and I wouldn’t change a thing! I love you @ronvanolphen and Happy Anniversary.”

In the post, their star daughter Scheana commented, “Awwwwww! I love you guys SOOOO much! World’s best parental!

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Mr. and Mrs. Olphen has been together since their adolescent days and still counting. Their decade-long marriage relationship is still going strong and unshaken. Moreover, they often travel long distance and goes on vacation to spend their time together and enjoy a more adventurous life.

Ron Van Olphen and Erika Van Olphen flaunt their 2020's Halloween costumes.
Ron Van Olphen and Erika Van Olphen flaunt their 2020’s Halloween costumes.
Source: Instagram @ronvanolphen

Furthermore, they love to cosplay as a couple on Halloween day. They have shared several moments of Halloween days. Their beautiful chemistry is what makes people curious about them. Aging with time, Ron and Erika have been together till thick and thin. Moreover, it’s every couple’s dream to spend their lives together till they get old.

Ron Von Olphen; Proud Father Of Two Daughters!

Additionally, Ron and Erika’s marriage hit another happiness when they become parents. The long-married couple is the proud parents of two gorgeous daughters.

Erika gave birth to their first daughter Scheana Marie Van Olphen, on May 7, 1985, in Covina, California. Later, the married pair welcomed Schena’s sister Cortney Von Olphen on August 19, 1997.

Scheana Shay with her mother Erika Van Olphen, father Ron Van Olphen, and sister Cortney Van Olphen.
Scheana Shay with her mother, Erika Van Olphen, father, Ron Van Olphen, and sister Cortney Van Olphen.
Source: Instagram @scheana

Moreover, Scheana Shay is one of the prominent Hollywood personalities. Scheana is famous for her appearance in the reality television series Vanderpump Rules (2013). The founder of Viva Verano, a lash line, has been married to her husband, Brock Davies, since August 23, 2022. They have a daughter named Summer Moon Honey Davies, born on April 26, 2021. Furthermore, TV personality Scheana was previously married to Michael Shay.

Ron Van Olphen with his granddaughter Summer Moon Honey Davies.
Ron Van Olphen with his granddaughter Summer Moon Honey Davies.
Source: Instagram @erikavanolphen

Similarly, Ron’s family loves to hang out together and go on vacation. They share a very close bonding. Likewise, when they went on a family vacation trip to Maui, Hawaii, they bombard with beautiful pictures of them. Ron and Erika never forget to share the piece of moments with their fan.

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