The South African native Trevor Noah is a successful comedian, political commentator and host. Noah is better known for his political/news satire, insult comedy, and observational comedy. He is also recognized for hosting popular Comedy Central‘s satirical news program, The Daily Show. Besides, Trevor’s performance in the 2018 superhero film Black Panther also helped him gather success and eminence.

The 5-feet-9-inch (181 cm) tall TV personality happily earns prominence and money from his professional works. But, what about personal life? Is Noah living his love life blissfully? Who Is his girlfriend? Know about this in the following sections.

Are Trevor Noah And Minka Kelly Still Together?

The Daily Show host was romantically involved with his girlfriend, Minka Kelly. The 41 aged Minka is an American actress and model. She has showcased her incredible acting skills in movies and TV shows such as The Roommate, Friday Nights Live, Parenthood, Titans, etc.

Trevor Noah
Image: The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and actress Minka Kelly are having a great time together
Source: People

The report suggests Noah and Kelly started their romantic relationship in August 2020. The media personalities did not confirm their relationship. But, as to People, they are “very serious” and “very happy” regarding their relationship. In September 2020, Kelly and Noah were spotted heading toward his apartment in New York City.

It is also declared that the actress and host split their relationship. However, the duo continues to spend their time together. They were seen walking together in NYC. According to the authorities, Noah and Kelly are“not officially back together, but they are figuring things out.”

South African Girlfriend

While Trevor was in his home country South Africa, he was romantically linked with Dani Gabriel. Dani, the University of Cape Town alum, is a physiotherapist. She is also the owner of D Gabriel Physiotherapy. Noah and Gabriel began their romantic affair in early 2014. Also Read: Hal Auden Cumberbatch

The former couple shared a good bond, traveling to many exotic places. However, in 2015, they decided to partition their relationship. To pursue a better career as a comedian, Noah came to the USA. Gabriel and Noah split following their plans.

Trevor Noah
Photo: Trevor Noah dated a physiotherapist Dani Gabriel from 2014 to 2015
Source: Daily Mail

Trevor never introduced Dani to his family members while they were dating. As per his mother, Patricia Noah,

I’ve not met her; I don’t know anything about the two because Trevor hasn’t told me. I leave the kids to enjoy themselves. don’t ask about such things. As a mother, I ask one favor from my sons, “keep your women away until you decide to settle with them.”

During an interview, Trevor revealed his ex-girlfriend tried to stop him from being a comedian. After the breakup, Noah works hard and achieves his goal of becoming a successful comedian. He said, “I couldn’t do (comedy) when I was with her, like date other girls and do comedy. So I did.”

Temporary Relationship With Jordan Taylor

The 37-years-old host Trevor was in a relationship with Jordan Taylor, an American singer, model and real estate agent. It is unclear how and when Taylor and Noah met and began their romantic affair. But, the reports claim that the duo dated for four years before calling to quit in 2018.

Trevor Noah
Snap: The comedian Trevor Noah dated a singer Jordan Taylor
Source: Getty Images

The comedian and singer also attended several public events while in a relationship. The actual reason behind Trevor and Jordan’s separation is unknown. But in the Instagram story, Taylor confirmed their separation. In January 2019, while answering questions, Jordan wrote, “Of course I love him. How could you not love him? I love him so much but you guys should know we broke up this past summer, but yeah I love him.”

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