Rex oranger country is a famous English singer. His real name is Alexander James O’Connor. Like Pluto Projector, he made many songs for which people recognized him. Rex is also renowned on the Spotify platform more than on YouTube. A singer has almost 21.1M monthly listeners on Spotify, which is massive.

However, can we know more about a British singer? So here we provide you with some information regarding him.

What went wrong with the singer Rex orange county?

Alexander, Aka Rex orange, is alleged to have s*xual assaulted him over two days. Is the news trustworthy? So here we found the information regarding the situation.

On June 1, British singer Rex orange alleged sexual assault. The woman said that a singer assaulted him twice in London and even four times in next day. Also, She claimed that she abused one in a taxi and, in three instances, at his home, which is in Notting Hill.

British singer Rex orange county
Source: Instagram

Twitter has a trend of the name of Orange County and what happened to Rex Orange Country. So many countries have almost the #1 trend of his character, which now has more than 100k tweets. A singer hasn’t talked about this. His last tweet, ‘I HOPE HE’S NOT A THREAT TO ME,’ was tweeted on August 13, where people claim that the tweet wasn’t written by rex.

He canceled the USA concert giving a personal reason, but people found out that he was in custody for investigation. Moreover, Rex has unconditionally bailed ahead of the three-day trial. Further, so many of his fans are disappointed by him and even accept that rex did that.

Likewise, a singer was shocked by the allegations. He denies saying that hasn’t happened and went to court to prove innocent after that trial date was set for 3 January 2023. So there is some possibility that we can’t see his opinion for now because of an ongoing investigation.

Also, a singer can’t attend all the concerts established in most countries like Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and more. Moreover, there are no details are out for now of his case. Most people are curious about the girl and support her as she is just 16 years old.

Some fans are still not believing the allegations, but some are already making him a criminal. Even there is news that so many brands are talking back a share of him, and concerts are going shut down. Moreover, his merch is going down because of his ongoing case.

As we know, he got so much hate that people spread nasty comments about his picture on Instagram. He even lost his followers so fast. All most 10k followers rex had lost in 12 hours. Please stick with us. We will provide you with the details when we get more information regarding him.

More About Rex Orange County

Alexander O’Connor was born on May 4, 1998, in Taurus. He was so talented since he was a kid. Alex was passionate about his music career, and he grew up with many talented artists and bands like Queen and Green Day. Even he used to follow a legendary singer, Stevie Wonder. A singer wanted to become like them.

Rex in his Concert
source: Instagram

A British singer used to play various instruments at a young age. Rex even started composing songs. His first album, ‘bcos u will never b free,’ was uploaded to some music streaming websites. A singer started getting good responses from them, and he didn’t stop his path on music.

After all the success, his music started getting lame-light. A British singer earns massive wages from his music career.

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