The entertainment sector personalities’ ever-lasting relationships are rarely seen. The on-and-off relationships of entertainers are common in the entertainment industry. However, this lovely duo, Angus Young and Ellen Young, do not fall in the category.

Mr. and Mrs. Young have been living a blissful marital life for more than a decade. They are in immense love without involving any rumors related to the separation. In the following sections, let’s know more about the Australian musician’s wife, Ellen.

Earning Fame As A Celebrity Wife

A Dutch woman Ellen Van Lochem began earning prominence after sharing her love life with Angus Young. Angus, 66, is an Australian musician, songwriter. Young is the co-founder, lead guitarist and songwriter of the hard rock, blues rock and the heavy metal band ‘AC/DC.’

Image: Ellen Van Lochem is the wife of the rock band, AC/DC’s lead guitarist, songwriter, Angus Young
Source: Instagram @the_angusyoung

Angus is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. The band, formed in 1973, has released 17 studio albums. It includes popular songs such as Highway to Hell, Touch Too Much, Back in Black, Heatseeker, Big Gun, etc. The band has won 18 prestigious awards and has received 27 nominations.

Ellen Young And Angus Young First Met

Ellen was not famous before meeting her now-husband Angus. She was living a life like common people. But, soon after her encounter with Young, her life changed. She and Angus shared a good bond which helped her grab media attention.

Picture: Ellen Van Lochem and Angus Young first met at AC/DC concert through their mutual friend, Adrian Vandenberg
Source: Famous Fix

Angus and Ellen met through their mutual friend Adrian Vandenberg, a Dutch rock guitarist. In a White Line Fever podcast, Adrian said, “Ellen was a friend of mine when I was studying at university in the Dutch city of Arnhem. We always saw each other at rock shows and in bars.

Adrian helped Ellen meet Angus at one of AC/DC’s concerts. Since the first encounter, Lochem and Young share a good bond without involving in any rumors related to separation.

Height Does Not Matter In Love

If there is true love for one another, height and weight do not matter in love. Ellen and Angus have also proved through their decade-long marriage. The guitarist is 5-feet-2-inch (157 cm), and Ellen is probably 6-feet. From the first meeting till now, the duo has been celebrating every day blissfully and romantically.

Snap: The AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young and his wife Ellen Van Lochem have been married since 1980
Source: Famous Fix

Following several months of dating, Angus and his partner Ellen walked down the aisle in 1980. The detailed information regarding their wedding is lacking as they tied the knot in a private ceremony.

As of now, Mr. and Mrs. Young share a healthy bond as a perfect married partner. The married duo happily celebrates their 42nd (more than 4 decades) long marriage anniversary. Additionally, Angus and Young have not shared any kids.

Lives A Low-Key Life

After earning fame, people prefer to keep themselves in the limelight. But, some choose to keep themselves far from the media attention and spotlight. Among others, Ellen is also the one. She likes to keep herself away from the public and paparazzi.

Photo: Ellen Young prefers to live a low-key life. She is not active on any social sites.
Source: Famous Fix

Mrs. Young is also not an active persona on any social networking sites. Because of her private nature, Angus also never posts pictures with his wife on his Instagram account. Similarly, she rarely makes a public appearance. Likewise, Ellen does not arrive at public events alongside her celebrity husband, Angus.

Co-Owns Million Dollar Mansion

The Australian guitarist Angus Young and his wife Ellen own several homes. Angus has a $160 million net worth. As per celebrity net worth, Ellen and her husband Angus have a 3-story mansion in a small Dutch town, Aalten.

The estate includes a recording studio, several guest rooms and other luxurious items. Additionally, they also have a home in Kangaroo Point, Sydney.

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